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Large Purchasers of Green Power

Deutsche Bank

January 2013 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its quarterly update to the Green Power Partnership (GPP), which details the top companies, municipalities, schools and governments that voluntarily purchase green power. Since the EPA's GPP update in October 2012, Staples and Intel have both purchased enough green power to account for 100 percent of each company's electricity use. Staples moved from 80 percent up to 101 percent powered by green power through purchasing an additional 120 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy. Intel moved from 88 percent to 100 percent by purchasing 300 million kWh. Cisco also moved up eight slots to ninth place in the GPP's National Top 50 rankings by purchasing 190 million kWh of green power.

The top five overall purchasers on the list by volume of green power were Intel Corporation, Kohl's Department Stores, Microsoft Corporation, Whole Foods Market, and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. In addition to Intel, Kohl's, and Whole Foods, the top ten purchasers of 100 percent renewable energy included Staples, District of Columbia, City of Austin, TD Bank, EPA, Deutsche Bank, and Washington Real Estate Investment Trust.

News Release - EPA Green Power Partnership National Top 50

Contacts: Mollie Lemon, 202-343-9859

November 2011 - Fifteen global companies announced their commitment to become certified under the new WindMade consumer label at a global launch event in New York, hosted by WindMade and the UN Global Compact. Companies committing to use the WindMade label include Motorola Mobility, Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg, Method, Beckton, Dickinson & Co., Better Place, Widex, Droga5, G24 Innovations, Engraw, RenewAire, TTTech, Vestas Wind Systems, PwC DK, and LEGO Group.

The WindMade label allows participating companies to communicate the share of wind power and other renewable energy sources as part of their overall power consumption. Companies using the label must source a minimum of 25 percent of their electricity use from wind power. The wind energy share can be procured through a company-owned wind generation facility, long-term wind power purchase agreement, or the purchase of renewable energy certificates approved by WindMade.

News Release - Leading Global Brands Sign Up for new WindMade Label

Additional Information - WindMade Launches Standard for New Label

Contacts: Angelika Pullen, WindMade, 917-279-5460; Fred Hashway, WindMade, 401-440-1700; Morten Kamp, Vestas

September 2009 - The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Power Partnership recently recognized Deutsche Bank for its purchase of 160 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy certificates (RECs) per year from 3Degrees Inc. The two-year agreement will supply RECs equivalent to 100% of electricity needs of the company's U.S. corporate offices and facilities. The purchase is a part of Deutsche Bank's commitment to reduce its global carbon footprint by 20 percent annually compared to its 2007 base year in order to neutralize the CO2 emissions of its worldwide operations by 2012.

News Release - Deutsche Bank Championship sustains green commitment

News Release - Deutsche Bank Commits to 100% Green Energy for its Americas Facilities

Contact: Ted Meyer, 212-250-7253

September 2009 - Twenty-six companies, organizations and individuals were recognized with national achievement awards at the Renewable Energy Markets 2009 Conference in Atlanta. The Green Power Leadership Awards recognize actions that are significantly advancing the development of renewable electricity sources through renewable energy markets. The awards are presented by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Center for Resource Solutions.

Among green power purchasers, the highest honors went to the Deutsche Bank AG, Intel Corporation, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., who were named Partners of the Year. 3Degrees and Bonneville Environmental Foundation were named Non-Utility Green Power Suppliers of the Year. Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Madison Gas and Electric Company, and Puget Sound Energy won for Utility Green Power Programs of the Year. Ed Holt of Ed Holt & Associates, Inc. received the Green Power Pioneer Award.

News Release - DOE, EPA, and CRS Announce Green Power Leadership Awards

News Release - DOE Recognizes Green Power Network Leaders

More Information - 2008 Green Power Leadership Awards

August 2009 - The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership has released its latest list of top green power purchasers nationally. Retaining their places among the top five are, in order: Intel Corporation, PepsiCo, Whole Foods Market, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Dell Inc.

In addition, there were a number of newcomers to the Top 50 list this quarter including: Deutsche Bank AG (24th), Lockheed Martin Corporation (35th), The Bank of New York Mellon (37th), Herman Miller Inc. (46th), City of San Diego, CA (49th) and Citi (50th). Collectively, the top 50 largest purchases amount to more than 12.3 billion kWh annually, or more than 70 percent of the green power commitments made by all EPA Green Power Partners.

EPA’s Green Power Partnership works with more than 1,100 partner organizations that voluntarily purchase green power to reduce the environmental impacts of conventional electricity use. Overall, the partners buy more than 16 billion kWh of green power annually.

News Article - Intel, PepsiCo, Whole Foods Top EPA Lists of Green Power Purchasers

Additional Information - EPA List of Fortune 500 Green Power Purchasers

Dave Ryan, 202-564-7827
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