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Large Purchasers of Green Power

City of Seattle

January 2012 - The 9-megawatt (MW) PáTu Wind Farm, a local wind farm located in Sherman County, Oregon has signed two long-term power purchase agreements to sell its renewable energy certificates (RECs) to OneEnergy Renewables and Seattle City Light. OneEnergy Renewables, a Seattle-based REC marketer, will purchase PáTu-generated RECs through 2015. Seattle City Light, Seattle's municipal utility, will begin purchasing PáTu RECs in 2016. PáTu Wind Farm consists of six 1.5-MW wind turbines, which began producing renewable wind power in December 2010.

News Article - Oregon Community Wind Finds Seattle Market

June 2005 - On June 27, the Seattle City Council adopted an ordinance to allow Seattle City Light to offer a new program through which customers can make voluntary purchases of renewable energy. Starting July 1, customers will be able to purchase renewable energy certificates equivalent to a portion or all of their electricity use under the Green-Up program. Initially, the program will offer wind energy certificates supplied from the Stateline Wind Project at a rate premium of 1.5¢/kWh—the utility has a 20-year agreement with PPM Energy to purchase 175 megawatts of wind energy from the project. In the future, the program may also be supplied from biomass and landfill gas projects. The utility plans to use the net program revenues to make additional purchases of renewable energy from new facilities.

Since 2002, Seattle City Light has offered the voluntary Seattle Green Power program through which customers can make contributions to support the development of smaller-scale, local, or regional renewable energy projects. Currently, nearly 5,000 customers are enrolled in the program.

City Council Bill - An Ordinance Relating to the City Light Department; Establishing A Voluntary Green-Up Program

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News Release - City Secures Wind-Power Program Through 2020

September 2001 - The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a plan for its municipal utility to obtain about 5% of its power supply from wind resources. Starting January 1, Seattle City Light will purchase 50 megawatts (MW) of wind power from PacifiCorp Power Marketing Inc. The power will be generated at the Stateline project, a 262-MW wind plant under construction along the Washington-Oregon border. The city's wind energy purchase will increase over time to 100 MW in August 2002 and to as much as 175 MW by August 2004.

According to Mayor Paul Schell, the wind energy agreement moves the city more than halfway to its goal of obtaining 100 average megawatts from new renewable resources by 2011.

News Release - Mayor Paul Schell Proposes Nation's Largest Purchase of Wind Power

Seattle Media Contact: Dan Williams (206) 615-0978

July 2000 - Amid higher electricity prices and the threat of regional brownouts, Seattle City Light, Seattle's city-owned utility, announced that it is seeking proposals for up to 100 average megawatts of power from renewable energy sources. The solicitation follows on the heels of a mayoral and city council resolution to meet Seattle's future electricity needs with no net emissions of greenhouse gases, using a combination of energy efficiency and renewables.

A bidder's conference will be held on July 20 at the offices of Seattle City Light and proposals are due on August 25.

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News Release - Mayor Paul Schell and City Council Adopt Major Environmental Commitment to Clean Energy for Earth Day 2000

Seattle Contact: Nancy Glaser (206) 684-3117


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