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Large Purchasers of Green Power

University of Denver

September 2008 - The University of Denver (DU) announced a two-year agreement to purchase wind energy certificates for its Denver campus. Under an agreement with FPL Energy, the University is purchasing 15 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of wind RECs from Texas per year for the next two years, or enough to supply about 31% of the University’s anticipated electricity consumption for that two-year period.

The purchase is a joint partnership between the University and its students, under which the University matches the student fee portion of the REC purchase, which is $6 per student each quarter. The total annual cost of the purchase is about $75,000 per year. The student fees also support energy-efficient lighting on the DU campus.

News Release - University purchases wind energy credits

May 2006 - The University of Denver, the oldest independent university in the Rocky Mountain region with approximately 10,400 undergraduate and graduate students, announced that it has signed a two-year contract with Community Energy, Inc. to purchase wind energy to supply 10% of the annual electricity needs of the campus. The deal follows passage of a student ballot initiative calling for undergraduate students to pay an extra $18 per year as part of their student activity fee to financially support the purchase. The 15 million kWh annual purchase will cost the university an extra $81,000, or 1.2¢/kWh. One-third of the wind energy will be supplied from a Colorado-based wind farm jointly owned by Lamar Light and Power and the Arkansas River Power Authority.

News Release - University purchases wind energy

News Article - DU has gone with the wind


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