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Large Purchasers of Green Power


September 2006 - Safeway Inc. announced a renewal of its green power purchase agreement with 3 Phases Energy (now serviced by 3Degrees). Under the agreement, Safeway will purchase 174 million kWh of wind energy over two years, making it the largest corporate purchaser of wind energy in California. The purchase covers the entire electricity needs of Safeway's corporate headquarters campuses in Pleasanton and Walnut Creek, its San Francisco stores, and its 269 U.S. fuel stations.

News Release - Safeway Applauds California Governor and Legislature on New Law Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

January 2006 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Power Partnership issued an updated list of its "Top 25 Partners" for the end of 2005. The U.S. Air Force maintained its spot as the top purchaser of green power nationally—a rank it has held since the list was first published in September 2004—with current annual purchases of more than one billion kWh. Whole Foods Market is now second on the list with annual purchases of 458.4 million kWh, equivalent to 100% of its total corporate electricity needs. Other leading corporate purchasers include Johnson & Johnson (241.4 billion kWh annual purchase and fourth on the list); Starbucks (150 million kWh, sixth); Safeway Inc. (78 million kWh, eighth); and HSBC North America (68.2 million kWh, tenth).

Collectively, the Top 25 "Partners" purchase 3.3 billion kWh of green power annually, representing approximately 75% of the total purchases made by all 600 Partners.

Additional Information - Top 25 Partners

EPA Contact: Matt Clouse (202) 343-9004

October 2005 - On October 1, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Power Partnership released an updated list of its Top 25 Partners. Several new companies or organizations appear on the list, including: Safeway (with annual renewable energy purchases of 78,000 MWh); The Tower Companies (41,000 MWh); the U.S. Army/Fort Carson (40,000 MWh); Hyatt Regency Reunion & DFW Hotels (35,300 MWh); and Western Washington University (35,000 MWh). The federal government continues to be the nation's largest green power purchaser, led by the U.S. Air Force with collective annual purchases of more than 320,000 MWh. In addition, by increasing its purchases, the U.S. Department of Energy moved up twelve spots to fourth place on the list.

Additional information - List of Top 25 Green Power Purchasers

EPA Contact: Kurt Johnson (202) 343-9231

September 2005 - Safeway, one of the largest food and drug retailers in North America, announced that it will purchase renewable energy to power the company's 270 fuel stations in the United States, its 15 stores in San Francisco, and the Safeway corporate campuses in Pleasanton and Walnut Creek, California. Under an agreement with 3 Phases Energy (now serviced by 3Degrees), Safeway will purchase 78 million kWh of wind energy annually, thus becoming California's largest buyer of renewable energy and one of the nation's largest buyers of green power.

News Release - Safeway Partners With EPA to Buy Wind Energy for Fuel Stations, San Francisco Stores and Corporate Offices

News Article - Safeway finding answer in the wind

Additional Information - EPA Green Power Partnership List of Top 25 Purchasers


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