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Dakota Electric Association

May 1997 - The green pricing tariff filing of Dakota Electric Association was approved by the Minnesota Public Utility Commission. Under the program, customers can purchase 100-kWh blocks of wind-generated electricity at an expected rate premium of approximately $3 to $4 per block. A 12-month subscription commitment will be required. Dakota Electric began its subscription campaign immediately after the program was approved.

Dakota Electric is the second largest electric cooperative in Minnesota and the only one that is rate-regulated by the PUC. It is served by the Cooperative Power Association, a generating and transmission cooperative that provides electricity to 17 member distribution cooperatives in southern and western Minnesota. Nine of these cooperatives, in addition to Dakota Electric, have either committed to or expressed interest in the green pricing program. Their subscription campaigns will run through mid-July. At that time, Cooperative Power will determine the total wind supply requirement.

According to William Raul of Cooperative Power, the green pricing pilot project is sized at approximately 2 MW. Initially it will include wind power, but later may involve other renewable technologies. The wind generators will be installed in southwestern Minnesota in the first quarter of 1998.

Dakota Electric Contact: Charlene Klein (612) 463-6178
Cooperative Power Contact: Tim Seck, project coordinator, (612) 949-8264, or Steve Simons (612) 949-1540

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