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CPS Energy (San Antonio)

November 2010 - Alamo Heights, Texas, has been designated as a Green Power Community by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Alamo Heights community members are collectively purchasing 3.6 million kilowatt-hours of green power annually. CPS Energy, the local municipal utility, assisted in promoting the campaign by sending letters to residents encouraging them to sign up for its Windtricity program.

EPA Green Power Communities must collective use between two and ten percent green power, depending on the annual electricity use of the community. The local government must also join the EPA's Green Power Partnership (GPP) and purchase green power in amounts that meet the GPP minimum purchase requirements.

News Release - Windtricity® Partner Alamo Heights Named EPA Green Power Community

Additional Information - EPA Green Power Communities

October 2002 - CPS Energy, formerly City Public Service, has lowered the premium charged for its wind energy product to 3¢/kWh from 4¢/kWh. The power for the Windtricity program comes from the 160.5-MW Desert Sky Wind Project in West Texas, from which CPS purchases the entire output.

CPS Energy Contact: Windtricity Products and Services, (210) 226-WIND (9469)

May 2000 - City Public Service (CPS Energy), the municipal electric utility serving more than 550,000 customers in San Antonio, Texas, is offering a wind power option to all of the city's retail customers. The wind energy is available in 100-kWh blocks for an additional $4.00 per month, or a premium of 4¢/kWh. Power for the Windtricity program will eventually be supplied from a 25-MW wind project planned for West Texas. In the meantime, CPS is purchasing 600,000 kWh of wind power each month from an existing wind project.

News Release - City Public Service Announces Wind Energy for San Antonio - No longer online at

CPS Contact: Windtricity, (210) 226-WIND (9469)

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