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April 2012 - The City of Cincinnati, Ohio announced the launch of its community choice aggregation (CCA) program, which will provide a 100 percent green electricity option for the city's eligible residents and small businesses. Percentage of income payment plan customers, as well as small business customers who use more than 700,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year are not eligible to participate in the program. CCA allows local governments to aggregate electricity demand within their jurisdictions in order to procure alternative energy supplies while maintaining existing transmission and distribution services.

Cincinnati selected FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) to be the city's green power provider, and will now negotiate a contract for a 100 percent green electricity supply. The city's CCA program is expected to begin in June, and it is estimated that eligible residential households who remain in the program will save about $133 per year on electricity costs. The city's program is an opt-out program, which means that eligible customers will be automatically enrolled in the program, and must decline if they do not want to participate.

A portion of FES's green power product will come from local renewable energy sources, including renewable energy certificates generated from the Cincinnati Zoo Solar canopy project.

News Release - Cincinnati Becomes First Major City to Offer 100% Green Electricity to Residents

Additional Information - City of Cincinnati Aggregation

December 2007 - FirstEnergy announced that customers of its Ohio utility companies — Ohio Edison, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, and Toledo Edison — can now support the development of alternative energy sources through the company's new "Green Resource Program." Under the program, customers may purchase renewable or alternative energy in 100-kWh monthly increments for $0.50, or a premium of 0.5¢/kWh over standard electricity rates. Participating customers must purchase a minimum of 200-kWh or two alternative energy "blocks" each month. To supply the program, FirstEnergy is procuring renewable energy certificates (RECs) derived from renewable and alternative energy sources such as: wind, solar photovoltaic, biomass co-firing of agricultural crops and all energy crops, hydro (as certified by the Low Impact Hydro Institute), incremental improvements in large scale hydro, waste coal, coal mine methane, landfill gas, biogas digesters, biomass co-firing of all woody waste, including mill residue but excluding painted or treated lumber.

News Release - FirstEnergy Offers Ohio Customers Green Resource Program (PDF 24 KB) Download Adobe Reader

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