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City of Bowling Green

September 2010 - The City of Bowling Green, Ohio, announced its green pricing program, Nature's Energy, will become EcoSmart Choice. Participating customers will be rolled over into the new program and will receive more than a 50 percent reduction from the current rate of 1.5 cents to 0.7 cents per kilowatt-hour.

The Nature's Energy program was an arrangement with Green Mountain Energy and the City's wholesale power supply and services agency, American Municipal Power (AMP). When the agreement expired, Green Mountain Energy did not extend the agreement and AMP developed the EcoSmart Choice program to replace it.

A portion of the proceeds from the EcoSmart Choice Program is used to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency programs in Bowling Green.

News Release - "Nature's Energy" Green Pricing Program Becomes "EcoSmart Choice"

Contact: 419-352-6255,

January 2005 - On December 1, the City of Bowling Green (Ohio) Public Utilities Department announced a new green pricing program for its 13,600 municipal electricity customers, replacing a similar program that it offered for the past four years. In partnership with American Municipal Power-Ohio and Green Mountain Energy, the city is now offering the Nature's Energy product, which is a blend of wind, landfill gas, and small hydropower resources.

Customers can purchase Nature's Energy for 100% of their electricity needs at a rate premium of 1.3¢/kWh, which is slightly less than the 1.35¢/kWh premium charged under the previous program. The new program is also open to commercial customers who can buy 1,000-kWh increments of green power at the same 1.3¢/kWh premium. A portion of the power for the program comes from the AMP-Ohio/Green Mountain Energy wind farm located six miles west of the city. Two, 1.8-MW wind turbines were added to the site in 2004, bringing the total project capacity to 7.2 MW.

Since the city announced the new offering, it has experienced a nearly 30% increase in green pricing enrollment, bringing total participation to 464 customers or about 3.4% of its customer base.

News Article - Some Happily Pay More for Electricity

Bowling Green Contact: Rita Hoffmann (419) 354-6253

August 2003 - AMP-Ohio, the City of Bowling Green, and Green Mountain Energy Company are partnering on a 3.6-MW wind project, which will be the first commercial-scale wind project to be built in Ohio. The two, 1.8-MW units will be located at the Wood County landfill just west of the city of Bowling Green. Plans call for the units to be interconnected to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities through an existing 12.47-kilovolt distribution circuit near the site.

The project output will be shared between AMP-Ohio and Bowling Green. Bowling Green's green pricing program collects a premium for existing renewable resources to fund future wind and solar projects. AMP-Ohio will use its share of the wind project as supply for its Nature's Energy product, which is offered to member utilities in partnership with Green Mountain.

Bowling Green Contact: Daryl Stockburger (419) 354-6246

June 1999 - The City of Bowling Green (Ohio) electric utility is offering its customers the opportunity to purchase "green power" from a newly constructed, run-of-the-river hydro facility. Customers can purchase up to 100% of their electricity needs, in 25% increments, through the program at a price premium of 1.38¢ per kWh of green power purchased. Power for the program will be supplied from a 42-MW, municipally constructed project of which Bowling Green owns a 6-MW share. The city will use the additional funds collected from customers to construct new solar or wind resources next year.

In a survey conducted by the utility, about 500 of the city's 12,300 customers expressed interest in participating in the program. The city plans to advertise the program in bill inserts beginning in June.

Bowling Green Contact: Daryl Stockburger (419) 354-6246

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