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October 2008 - Twenty-five companies, organizations and individuals were recognized with national achievement awards at the 2008 National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference in Denver. The Green Power Leadership Awards recognize actions that are significantly advancing the development of renewable electricity sources through renewable energy markets. The awards are presented by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Center for Resource Solutions.

Among green power purchasers, the highest honors went to the Community of Bellingham, Washington, Cisco Systems, Intel Corporation, University of Pennsylvania, and WhiteWave Foods Company, who were named Partner of the Year. The City of Palo Alto Utilities, 3Degrees Inc., and Sterling Planet were Suppliers of the Year and AmerenUE won for New Green Power Program. Dr. Jan Hamrin, founder of the Center for Resource Solutions, received the Green Power Pioneer Award.

News Release - Utility Suppliers Earn Nation’s Top Honors for Green Power Efforts

More Information - 2008 Green Power Leadership Awards

May 2008 - AmerenUE received regulatory approval to add a block option to its Green-e certified Pure Power green power offering for residential and small commercial customers. The new option of 1,000 kWh blocks, at $15 per block, was already available at the same price to large industrial electricity customers. This announcement expands that option to the other customer classes, who could previously only purchase renewable electricity for 100% of their usage, at 1.5¢/kWh above the standard rate. For some small commercial customers, the block option allows for participation at a lower monthly cost than previously available with the usage rate. The block option also provides a solution to customers seeking a fixed renewable energy premium each month. 3Degrees will continue to manage the Pure Power program.

News Release - AmerenUE Makes It Even Easier for Customers to Support Renewable Energy

AmerenUE Contact: Tim Fox, (314) 554-3120

October 2007 - AmerenUE announced a new green power offering for its 1.2 million electricity customers in Missouri. Under the Green-e certified Pure Power program, customers can purchase renewable energy equivalent to their electricity needs at a premium of 1.5¢/kWh over standard electricity rates. Business customers can purchase the renewable energy in 1,000 kWh increments each month for $15. The program will be supplied with renewable energy certificates (RECs) from recently constructed wind farms (75%) and other renewable energy sources in the region. At least half of the program demand will be met by new renewable generators located within Missouri and Illinois. AmerenUE does not profit from the program and customers can cease participation at any time with no penalty. 3Degrees Group, Inc., formerly the REC and Utility Partnership Division of 3 Phases Energy, will develop and manage the Pure Power program over the next five years.

News Release - AmerenUE Launches Pure Power Voluntary Renewable Energy Program With One-Of-A-Kind Celebration Featuring St. Louis Mayor, Early Adopters, Massive Wind Turbine Blade

AmerenUE Contact: Susan Gallagher, (314) 554-2175

June 2007 - AmerenUE announced that it has teamed with 3Degrees Group, Inc. (formerly the REC and Utility Partnership Division of 3 Phases Energy), an independent renewable energy marketing company, to provide a voluntary renewable energy program for its 1.2 million Missouri electric customers. Under the Pure Power program, residential and small business customers can purchase renewable energy for 100% of their electricity needs at a premium of 1.5¢/kWh. Medium and large business customers can purchase an unlimited number of 1,000-kWh blocks of green power every month for $15 each. The program will be supplied from Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) derived from new regional wind farms (75%) and other renewable energy resources (25%). At least half of the RECs will be sourced from renewable generators located within Missouri and Illinois. No subscription contract is required and customers can cease participation in the program at any time without penalty.

News Release - AmerenUE, 3 Phases Energy Introduce Pure Power, Voluntary Renewable Energy Option

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