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May 2006 - The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), a public university with 15,500 students located in Edmond, Okla., has become the first major university in Oklahoma to use renewable energy for 100% of its power supply. The power is supplied by Edmond Electric through its pure&simple wind power program.

Under a previous agreement with the utility, UCO was purchasing wind energy for about 5% of its annual needs and had established a goal to increase the purchase level to 50%. However, because the pure&simple program provides participating customers with protection from fossil-fuel price changes, UCO upped its purchases to 100%—equivalent to 26 million kWh per year. With the wind product currently priced at 1.0¢/kWh less than base rates, UCO expects to save $260,000 in energy costs this year.

News Release - UCO Protects the Environment and Saves Taxpayers' Money through Wind Power

News Article - UCO Makes Environmental Switch to Wind Power

November 2005 - Utility customers participating in green pricing programs that offer some form of protection from fossil-fuel price changes are finding that their green power premiums are shrinking or even turning negative. For example, as of November 1, Colorado customers participating in Xcel Energy's Windsource program are paying 0.66¢/kWh less for wind energy than for "regular" electricity because of an increase in the utility's energy cost adjustment (ECA). Since the ECA announcement, Xcel has sold out of its remaining available wind energy supply and has established a waiting list for new program signups.

In Oklahoma, OG&E Electric Services customers purchasing the OG&E Wind Power product now pay 0.13¢/kWh less for wind energy than for traditional electricity and customers of Edmond Electric's pure&simple wind power program now pay 0.33¢/kWh less. Both utilities adjust their fuel charge monthly. Finally, in September, Austin Energy announced an increase in its fuel charge, which will bring the rate for its most recent GreenChoice product offering to near parity with the standard electric rate.

News Release - Fuel Charge Increase Coming

News Article - Energy Bargain Blowing in the Wind

July 2004 - Another five municipal utilities served by the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA) now offer a wind energy option to their retail customers. Approximately 15,000 residential and business customers served by the municipal utilities of Tonkawa, Altus, Frederick, Okeene, and Prague can purchase wind energy in 100-kWh increments each month for $1.80, or a rate premium of 1.8¢/kWh. Participating customers are exempt from monthly fuel cost charges and must agree to enroll in the program for a minimum of six months.

OMPA receives half of the output of the 102-MW Oklahoma Wind Energy Center located in northwestern Oklahoma. Edmond Electric Power was the first OMPA member to offer wind energy to its customers, when it launched its pure&simple program in January. To date, about 2% of the utility's customers have enrolled.

News Release - Headline: OMPA Wind Turbines Go Online to Provide Wind Energy (PDF 36 KB)
Additional Information - OMPA Wind Generation Data

OMPA Contact: Drake Rice (405) 340-5047
Edmond Contact: Bob Corff (405) 216-7660

February 2004 - Edmond Electric, a municipal utility serving 31,300 electricity customers outside of Oklahoma City, is the first utility member of the Oklahoma Municipal Power Association (OMPA) to announce a wind power purchase option for its electricity customers. Through the pure&simple wind power program, customers can purchase wind energy in 100-kWh increments for $1.80, or a premium of 1.8¢/kWh. Customers can also purchase wind energy for their entire monthly electricity use. The wind energy purchases are exempt from the utility's monthly fuel-cost charge, which lowers the effective wind energy premium to 1¢/kWh under the current fuel-cost structure.

The power supply for the program comes from OMPA's 51-MW wind energy project located in northwestern Oklahoma. A number of other OMPA utility members plan to offer the product as well.

News Release - Edmond Electric's Wind Power Program Provides An Environmentally-Friendly Energy Choice - 2/12/2004

News Release - OMPA Wind Turbines Go Online to Provide Wind Energy (PDF 61 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

Edmond Electric Contact: Charlie Burgett (405) 216-7660
OMPA Contact: Drake Rice (405) 340-5047

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