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Yampa Valley Electric Association

June 2008 - The Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA), a consumer-owned cooperative utility serving Northwest Colorado and a portion of Wyoming, has lowered the premium for its green pricing program participants, from $3 per 100 kWh block to 60¢ per 100 kWh block (0.6¢/kWh) over the standard rate. The new premium is one-fifth the previous amount. For an average household meeting 100% of their energy needs through the program, the reduction would reduce their annual green energy premium from about $290 to about $57.

YVEA supplies its program with renewable energy credits (RECs) purchased from Xcel Energy. A higher volume purchase of RECs enabled the lower negotiated wholesale price from Xcel. About 300 YVEA households and businesses currently participate in the program, or about 1.2% of their customers.

News Article - Business News And Notes: Another Way To Go Green

YVEA Contact: Jim Chappell, 970-871-2231

September 1999 - Yampa Valley, which serves about 21,000 accounts in Steamboat Springs and other cities in northwestern Colorado, is offering its customers the opportunity to purchase 100-kWh blocks of wind power for 3¢/kWh. Yampa Valley has entered into an agreement with Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCO) to purchase about half of the output from one of the turbines installed at the Ponnequin wind site in northern Colorado. As of August 1999, Yampa had sold about 260 of the 700 blocks available for the program. Delivery of the wind power, originally scheduled for April, is awaiting FERC approval of the wholesale power contract.

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