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Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

February 2006 - The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay will purchase renewable energy to meet 10% of campus electricity needs over the next four years. Under an agreement with Wisconsin Public Service, the university will purchase about 1.8 million kWh of green power annually through the utility's NatureWise program at an extra cost of 1¢/kWh. In January, students voted to pay $1.69 more per semester to cover the cost, making UW Green Bay the first school in Wisconsin to fund the purchase of green energy through a voluntary increase in student fees. As a result of the student initiative, campus administrators will provide a matching amount of funding for energy conservation and energy efficiency upgrades on the campus.

On January 1, Wisconsin Public Service dropped the NatureWise premium for its Wisconsin customers from 1.86¢/kWh to 1¢/kWh primarily because of lower renewable energy purchase costs. The green power premium is calculated as the difference between the cost of the renewable energy sources used to supply the program and the utility's marginal energy cost, plus program administration costs.

News Release - UW Green Bay Students Vote "Yes" for Green Energy

News Article - UWGB Embraces Renewable Energy: Naturewise Program to Provide 10% of Power

UW-Green Bay Contact: Michelle Eis (920) 860-0417
Wisconsin Public Service Contact: Chip Bircher (920) 433-5518

May 2005 - Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) has lowered the price premium charged for its NatureWise renewable energy offering by about 30%. In January 2005, the price was reduced from $2.65 for a 100-kWh block to $1.86 per block, or a new rate premium of 1.86¢/kWh.

Since NatureWise was introduced in 2002, customer purchases of renewable energy through the program have grown from just about 1 million kWh to more than 3.5 million kWh annually.

News Release - Buying Green Now Costs Less

October 2004 - Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO), a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group (formerly WPS Resources Corp.), now offers a renewable energy option to its more than 50,000 electric customers in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Under the NatureWise program, customers can purchase renewable energy in 100-kWh monthly increments for $4.00 each, or a rate premium of 4¢/kWh. Currently, UPPCO purchases power generated from wind, landfill gas, and animal waste methane resources from its sister utility, Wisconsin Public Service. As more UPPCO customers enroll in the program, UPPCO will add renewable generation to the mix and consider purchasing from generating sources in the Upper Peninsula. Customers may purchase as many blocks as they wish and there is no minimum enrollment term.

News Release - UPPCO Rolls Out New Renewable Energy Program

May 2003 - The University of Wisconsin (UW) Oshkosh has become the first Wisconsin university to make a green power purchase commitment. At least 3% of the university's electricity needs, totaling nearly one million kilowatt-hours annually, will be provided through Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) Company's NatureWise product, which is sourced from a combination of wind and biomass resources located in Wisconsin. Chancellor Richard H. Wells called the agreement with WPS "a continuation of our commitment to a 'clean' environment."

News Release - UW Oshkosh gets Green Power award May 13 in Milwaukee

UW Oshkosh Contact: Andrew Robson (920) 424-1185

April 2002 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) is offering a new green power option to its more than 400,000 customers in northeastern and central Wisconsin. Under the NatureWise program, residential, farm, and business customers can purchase 100-kWh blocks of green power for $2.65, or 2.65¢/kWh. Initially, power for the program will be generated from wind (50%), landfill methane (40%), and dairy farm waste methane (10%). The wind power will be supplied from two, 660-kW wind turbines installed in Glenmore, WI, in 1998 and the landfill and dairy farm projects are currently under development.

WPS has received accreditation for the NatureWise product under the Center for Resource Solution's (CRS) national Green Pricing Accreditation Initiative. The utility also expects to offer the product to its Michigan-based customers next year, subject to regulatory approval.

News Release - Wisconsin Public Service Announces "NatureWise" Renewable Energy Program

News Release - Wisconsin Public Service Gains National Recognition for Green Energy Program - No longer online

WPS Contact: Chip Bircher (920) 433-5518

April 1998 - Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) has added two new programs to give its customers more ways in which to support renewable energy development. Under the Renewable Electric Rate, customers can purchase one or more 5-kWh units of solar electricity each month. When enough customers have enrolled in the program, WPS will build a 24-kW solar-electric plant. Under the Round-Up for Renewable Energy option, customers round-up their electric bill toward the installation of small PV lighting or water-pumping systems for parks, zoos, nature centers, and other public areas. These programs are in addition to the SolarWise for Schools program that has been in place since 1996. The programs are administered by the WPS Community Foundation, a nonprofit educational foundation.

November 1997 - Wisconsin Public Service announced that it will expand its SolarWise for Schools Program with the installation of three additional rooftop solar systems on area high schools. This will bring the total number of schools with systems to six. Seven other schools will also receive curriculum packages designed for students to study renewable energy resources.

June 1997 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation's (WPS) SolarWise for Schools program resulted in three 12-kW PV system installations in 1996, with funding coming from a combination of 2600 customer participants, the company's research and development budget, and the UPVG TEAM-UP program. For 1997, WPS plans to add an additional contribution method and pursue commercial and industrial sponsorship. The utility also plans to add a separate green rate during 1997 to develop new renewables-based generation, initially solar or wind, within the utility's service territory.

March 1997 - In February 1996, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) launched the SolarWise for Schools program to install photovoltaic (PV) arrays on the rooftops of high schools. The schools consume the electricity produced by the arrays and can also take advantage of educational materials on PV, renewable energy, and environmental education provided by the utility.

By October 1996, WPS had installed PV systems on the rooftops of three high schools, and several others had expressed interest in participating. The high schools with PV installations are Antigo High School, Green Bay East High School, and Southern Door Schools. The SolarWise for Schools program has been so successful that WPS is now offering it to other utilities for a fee. As part of this offer, WPS will help other utilities research the market potential, design and implement the program, and develop a plan for communications with the utility's customers.

WPS Contact: Chip Bircher (920) 433-5518 or

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