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Tucson Electric Power Company

January 2000 - Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) has launched GreenWatts, a green power program that will invest voluntary customer contributions in the construction and operation of solar electric generating facilities. TEP is offering its customers an opportunity to purchase 20-kWh blocks of energy tied to the use of landfill methane at the company's Irvington Generating Station. The gas is collected from Tucson's Los Reales Landfill and transported to the power plant, where, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, its use will displace the equivalent of 20,000 tons of coal annually.

Customers can purchase monthly blocks of 20 kWh for $2.00 (10¢/kWh) for the first block and $1.50 (7.5¢/kWh) for all subsequent blocks. More than 180,000 monthly blocks of renewable energy will be available from the project. The program is open to all TEP customers and any other electricity users connected to the TEP distribution system.

News Release - "Greenwatts" Program Gives Choice to Electric Customers for Support of Renewable Energy Systems No longer online at TEP

News Release - TEP, Partners Dedicate Renewable Energy System Using Landfill Waste Gas To Generate Electricity; 'Greenwatts' Program Would Support Such Systems

TEP Contact: Bill Norman (520) 884-3625

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