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Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association

January 2008 - Tri-State, a generation and transmission cooperative that serves 44 distribution utilities in four states, announced that is lowering the price premium for renewable energy under its voluntary Green Power Program. Starting January 2008, Tri-State began charging its member distribution cooperatives a market rate for renewable energy, which is currently about 0.4¢/kWh above standard wholesale electricity rates, and down from 1.25¢/kWh last year. The change is expected to provide significant savings and spur greater participation in the program, but because the new premium is based on market rates, the price will likely change over time. To supply its Green Power Program, Tri-State currently purchases the output of a number of wind, small hydro, and biomass facilities, with the balance of the renewable energy purchased on the open market in the form of renewable energy certificates (RECs).

Currently, 32 of Tri-State's 44 member co-ops have consumers enrolled in the Green Power program. Participating member distribution cooperatives are responsible for setting the price premium for residential and business customers who opt to purchase green power. For instance, La Plata Electric Cooperative in Colorado announced that it would pass on the savings from Tri-State to its end-use customers by lowering its green power premium to $0.80 per 100-kWh, or 0.8¢/kWh above standard electricity rates. The LPEA board opted to add 0.4¢/kWh to the current wholesale rate to absorb market fluctuations so that it does not need to change the price premium regularly and to generate funds for supporting local renewable energy sources.

News Release - Tri-State issues request for renewable energy, reduces voluntary program cost

News Release - LPEA announces green power price reduction

News Release - Green power offered at market rate (PDF 404 KB) Download Adobe Acrobat

Tri-State Contacts:
Rob Wolaver (303) 452-6111
Jim Spires (303) 254-3193

April 2007 - The city of Durango (Colo.) announced that it will begin purchasing wind energy to meet 100% of its municipal electricity needs, equivalent to more than 8 million kWh annually. The wind energy will be purchased through La Plata Electric Association's (LPEA) Green Power program, which is supplied by Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association. Under the program, LPEA customers can purchase 100-kWh monthly blocks of wind energy for $1.25, or 1.25¢/kWh. The city expects to offset some of the additional cost of the wind energy purchase through energy efficiency improvements.

News Release - City's "Green Power" Goes Beyond Electricity

News Release - La Plata Electric to supply "Green Power" to City

News Article - City will buy 100% renewable electricity

January 2007 - San Miguel Power Association (SMPA), a rural electric distribution cooperative serving Telluride, Colo. and surrounding areas, announced a goal to have 80% of its 12,000 customers buying at least 100 kWh of renewable energy per month by the end of 2009. Under SMPA's Renewable Energy Program, consumers can purchase renewable energy in 100-kWh monthly increments at a rate premium of 1.25¢/kWh. The average SMPA residential consumer uses approximately 750 kWh per month. The renewable energy for the program is supplied Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association.

In addition, the utility is aiming to source 20% of its total electricity sales with renewable energy. To reach the 20% renewable energy goal, SMPA customers will need to purchase 34 to 36 million kWh of renewable energy annually, or more than 28,000 100-kWh monthly blocks. Telluride Ski Resort recently committed to purchase 4.8 million kWh of renewable energy annually through the SMPA program, equal to the energy used by the gondola and the Town of Mountain Village. SMPA also purchases nearly 1 million kWh of renewable energy annually for its own electricity needs.

News Release - SMPA Announces Renewable Goal of 80/20 in 2010

News Article - Mountain Village is Now Largest Purchaser of Renewable Energy in Tri-State Generation Service Territory

SMPA Media Contact: Gary Miller, (970) 626-5549

September 2006 - Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, which serves 44 member distribution systems in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming, announced that is has reduced the price it charges its member co-ops for renewable energy sources under its green power program. Member cooperatives can now purchase renewable energy in 100-kWh increments for $1.25 or 1.25¢/kWh, down from $2.50 or 2.5¢/kWh. The decision to lower the premium resulted from increased green power sales and greater use of renewable energy certificates (RECs) to supply the program. Tri-State sells more than 7.5 million kWh of green power annually to its member systems. The G&T purchases RECs from Basin Electric, PacifiCorp and Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska sourced from wind and small hydro resources.

News Release - Green power program recycles greenbacks

October 1999 - In early October, Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) completed installation of five new, 660-kW wind turbines at its Medicine Bow site in Wyoming. The turbines are providing power to a variety of Colorado-based utility customers.

One of the turbines will provide power for New Belgium Brewing Company, a Fort-Collins-based brewery that is now meeting 100% of its electricity needs with wind energy. Another turbine will supply power to the City of Aspen, which elected to increase the amount of renewable power in its system mix. Another two turbines will provide power for green pricing programs offered by the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont municipal utilities.

The output from the fifth turbine is going to Tri-State G&T, which is supplying the power to 14 of its member distribution cooperatives. Together, the distribution cooperatives have customer commitments to purchase about 1400, 100-kWh monthly blocks of wind energy at a 2.5¢/kWh premium.

News Release - Construction Completed on New Wind Turbines

Tri-State Contact: Mark Graham (303) 452-6111

October 1998 - Tri-State G&T released a request for proposals (RFP) for green power "from wind and other renewable resources" to supply its Renewable Resource Power Service (RRPS) program beginning in 1999. The RFP solicits proposals for sales in the range of 200 to 5,000 megawatt-hours monthly, with options to purchase more as demand for renewable resource power increases.

News Release - Tri-State Green RFP Announcement

June 1998 - The board of directors of Tri-State Generation and Transmission Associationapproved the development of a renewable resource power program designed to make "green power" available to its member distribution systems by Jan. 1, 1999. Tri-State is a wholesale supplier of electric power to 32 rural electric systems in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Initially, Tri-State will obtain the power from small hydro projects, which is power that it already purchases for resale to its members. The power will be sold in 100 kWh/month blocks at a "small" rate premium. With sufficient interest beyond these projects, Tri-State will put out a request for proposals (RFP) to acquire additional renewable resources.

News Release - Tri-State Board Approves "Green Power" Program

Contact: Mark Graham (303) 452-6111

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