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December 2010 - Santee Cooper is building a 331-kilowatt solar system in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The project was funded in part with about $500,000 from Santee Cooper's Green Power revenues. The rest of the project funds were obtained through a grant from the South Carolina Energy Office and through Santee Cooper general funds.

Currently, the utility generates 22 megawatts (MW) of green power and plans to bring another 6 MW online in the next few months.

News Article - Santee Cooper building state's largest solar installation in Myrtle Beach

Contact: Mollie Gore, 843-761-7093

April 2009 - The Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament has announced a renewable energy purchase for the entirety of the 2009 Tournament, becoming one of the first PGA Tour events to do so. Verizon Heritage purchased the renewable energy from state-owned utility Santee Cooper and local energy cooperative Palmetto Coop. The Tournament is held each year on Hilton Head Island, SC. The renewable energy was produced primarily from methane captured at four in-state landfill-to-energy sites, as well as a solar installation at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Press Release - 2009 Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament to be Powered by 100% Local Renewable Green Power Energy (PDF 157 KB) Download Adobe Reader

Verizon Heritage Contact: Angela McSwain, 843-671-2448

October 2006 - Santee Cooper, a state-owned electric and water utility serving more than 150,000 residential and commercial customers in South Carolina, announced a statewide "Green Tag" offering, which will complement the utility's existing Green Power Program. Under the new program, customers throughout South Carolina can purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) for 3¢/kWh, with a volume discount offered for larger purchases. The RECs are sourced from landfill methane projects located throughout the state. All program revenues will be reinvested in future renewable energy programs, such as solar and wind projects. The new program will be Green-e certified.

News Release - Santee Cooper To Begin Environmental Green Tag Program

News Article - Santee Cooper Plans to Sell 'Green Power'

Santee Cooper Contact: J.D. Steedly, (843) 761-4109

March 2006 - Santee Cooper announced that it has added a 5.5-MW landfill gas generating facility to the portfolio of resources used to supply its Green Power program. Another landfill gas facility is expected to enter commercial operation within the next two months. Under the program, residential customers can purchase renewable energy in increments of 100-kWh each month for $3, or a premium of 3¢/kWh. Commercial customers can purchase renewable energy in 200-kWh monthly increments at the same price premium. The program is now available to more than 150,000 Santee Cooper customers across South Carolina.

News Release - Santee Cooper, Waste Management, Tri-County Electric Co-op Dedicate Green Power Station at Richland County Landfill

January 2006 - Santee Cooper, a state-owned electric and water utility with operations across South Carolina, announced that it will expand the mix of renewable energy sources used to supply its Green Power program over the next five years. The utility plans to add solar, wind and biomass projects to the 19.7 MW of landfill methane generation that will be on-line by the end of 2006.

Under the program, Santee Cooper customers can purchase 100-kWh blocks of renewable energy for $3.00 per month, or a 3¢/kWh premium to the regular electricity rate. The utility invests fully 100% of the customer revenues collected into acquisition and development of new renewable energy sources.

News Release - Santee Cooper announces next phase of Green Power Program

News Article - Santee Cooper has new energy options

Santee Cooper Contact: Alma Evans, (843) 761-8000

July 2005 - Santee Cooper, a state-owned electric and water utility with operations across South Carolina, announced that it has added a 5.4-MW landfill gas generation facility to the resources supplying its voluntary Green Power Program and plans to add two more facilities later this year. Since 2001, the utility has used the output from the 3.3-MW Horry County landfill gas facility to supply the program. In February 2005, the Lee County landfill gas generation project entered commercial operation and Santee Cooper plans to add generating facilities at the Richland County and Anderson Regional landfills, which will bring the utility's total renewable generating capacity to 18.5 MW.

Under the program, residential customers can purchase 100-kWh monthly increments of renewable energy for $3, or a rate premium of 3¢/kWh. Commercial customers can purchase 200-kWh blocks for $6. The program is available to Santee Cooper's 143,000 customers in Berkeley, Georgetown and Horry counties, the City of Georgetown Electric Utility Department, and 15 of 20 electric cooperatives in South Carolina. Currently, more than 2,600 residential and commercial customers across the state participate in the program.

News Release - Santee Cooper's Green Power Generating Station Dedicated in Lee County

April 2002 - Myrtle Beach has become the first city in South Carolina to purchase green power for its municipal facilities by subscribing to Santee Cooper's GreenPower program. Under the one-year agreement, Myrtle Beach will purchase 372,000 kWh of green power, which represents between 2% and 5% of the city's total annual energy use, at an extra cost of $10,800, or 2.9¢/kWh.

Myrtle Beach joins nearly 50 local businesses that are participating in the utility's eight-month-old green pricing program, which is supplied with electricity generated from a local landfill methane facility. Under the program, residential customers can purchase 100-kWh blocks of green power for an extra $3.00 per month. The price for businesses is based on their overall power consumption. All proceeds from the program will be used to develop new renewable energy projects.

News Release - Myrtle Beach Becomes South Carolina's First "Green Power City" - No longer online at

News Article - MB first to sign up for 'green power' - No longer online at

September 2001 - Santee Cooper, a state-owned electric and water utility in South Carolina serving 130,000 retail customers, received approval from its Board of Directors to offer a green power pilot program to its customers. Under the optional program, residential and commercial customers can sign up to purchase blocks of renewable power at a price premium of 3¢/kWh. Initially, the pilot program will be offered to Santee Cooper customers in Horry and Georgetown counties and to customers of Horry Electric Cooperative.

The green power will be supplied from a new 2.2-MW, landfill-methane project at the Horry County landfill. Revenue collected from the green power sales will be used for future renewable energy projects. In market surveys conducted by Santee Cooper, 35 percent of the utility's residential customers and 58 percent of commercial customers indicated interest in purchasing green power.

News Release - Santee Cooper Board OKs Pilot Plan to Market "Green Power" Generated at Horry County Landfill - No longer online at

News Release - Santee Cooper's Green Power Generating Station Enters Commercial Operation

Santee Cooper Contact: JD Steedly (843) 761-8000 ext. 4556

November 2000 - Santee Cooper, a state-owned electric and water utility in South Carolina, announced that it will build a 2.2-megawatt landfill gas facility in Horry County and sell the output to customers at a premium price. The green power will be sold in blocks to Santee Cooper and Horry Electric Cooperative customers at a price that is "several cents more per kilowatt-hour than conventional power."

Santee Cooper serves 126,000 direct customers in Horry, Georgetown and Berkeley counties. It also supplies power to 15 of the state's 20 electric cooperatives serving 437,000 customers in 38 counties, and directly serves 34 industrial customers in 11 counties.

News Release - Santee Cooper, Horry County Solid Waste Authority, Teaming Up to Generate State's First "Green Power" - No longer online at

Santee Cooper Contact: Willard Strong (843) 761-4053

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