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November 2012 - Mercer Island, Washington is currently seeking additional subscribers for Puget Sound Energy's (PSE) Green Power Community Challenge. If Mercer Island is able to enroll a total of 750 customers in PSE's Green Power program, the utility will provide a grant for the installation of a solar array on the Mercer Island Community and Event Center. For enrolling 650 customers in the Green Power program, Mercer Island has secured a $25,000 grant and PSE will increase the grant by $5,000 to bring the total available funding to $30,000, if the island meets the 750 subscriber goal.

News Release - City Seeks More 'Green Power' Subscribers for PSE $5,000 Challenge Grant

Contact: Kirsten Taylor

November 2011 - 3Degrees has been selected by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to launch a new, voluntary statewide green power program. The firm also announced that it will be the green power supplier for Connecticut's CTCleanEnergyOptions program. Through these initiatives, 3Degrees will be able to offer green power options to the majority of residential and commercial utility customers in Maine and Connecticut.

Seattle City Light (WA) has selected 3Degrees to help manage customer outreach for its Green Up program. In addition, Puget Sound Energy (WA) has decided to renew its green power program services contract with the company. With these new and renewed agreements, 3Degrees and its utility partners will offer green power options to over 7.7 million residential and commercial utility customers in seven states.

News Release - 3Degrees Expands Green Power Program Services to Utility Customers in Connecticut, Maine, and Washington

October 2011 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added Google, Ingram Micro, and Price Chopper Supermarkets as Green Power Partners, which recognizes leading organizations for their voluntary green power efforts.

Google ranks 47th on the Green Power Partnership's National Top 50 list, with over 103 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of annual green power usage. In addition to on-site renewable energy generation, Google purchases renewable energy from NextEra Energy Resources, Renewable Choice Energy, and Puget Sound Energy.

Ingram Micro ranks 61st on the Green Power Partnership's Fortune 500 Partners list, purchasing more than 3.1 million kWh of green power each year, which is equivalent to meet 107 percent of the company's electricity use at its corporate headquarters in Santa Ana, California. Ingram Micro is purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) from Renewable Choice Energy.

Price Chopper Supermarkets ranks 18th on the Green Power Partnership's Top 20 Retail list, using 12 million kWh of green power annually. Price Chopper purchases green power from Hess Energy Marketing.

News Release - U.S. EPA adds Global Tech Giants Google, Ingram Micro as Green Power Partners

News Release - EPA Recognizes Ingram Micro Inc. Among Nation's Leading Green Power Purchasers

News Release - EPA Recognizes Price Chopper Supermarkets Among Nation's Leading Green Power Purchasers

June 2011 - Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has launched the Carbon Balance Program for its natural gas customers. The program supplies carbon offsets from a biogas anaerobic digester at the George DeRuyter and Sons Dairy located in Outlook, Washington. The offsets are certified by the Climate Action Reserve and purchased through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

PSE natural gas customers can purchase carbon-offset "blocks" for $4 each. One block is equivalent to the removal of 400 pounds of carbon dioxide. PSE estimates that an average residential customer using 68 therms of natural gas per month would need to purchase two 400 pound blocks in order to offset 100 percent of his natural gas use.

The program's first customer was Seattle University, which began purchasing offsets for 100 percent of its natural gas use on May 1st.

The Carbon Balance Program for natural gas customers complements PSE's existing Green Power Program for electricity consumers.

News Release - Puget Sound Energy Launches 'Green' Natural Gas Program To Complement Utility's Award-Winning Green Power Program

Puget Sound Energy, MacKenzie McDowell, 1-888-831-7250
Seattle University, Stacy Howard, 206-296-6114.

March 2011 - The cities of Olympia and Lacey (Wash.) have joined together for the Flip the Switch campaign to recruit at least 1,011 residents for voluntary enrollment in Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Program by the end of 2011. If successful, Puget Sound Energy will provide solar project grants totaling $40,000 in Olympia and $20,000 in Lacey. The campaign will be promoted through community events, utility billings and each city's website. Goals of the campaign include support of renewable energy projects, green energy job creation and reducing the region's fossil fuel dependencies.

Approximately 4,000 residents and businesses in Olympia and Lacey are currently enrolled in the Green Power Program, with nearly 30,000 total participants throughout Puget Sound Energy's utility territory. Participating customers can select to receive 100 percent renewable energy for a premium of 1.25¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) or purchase renewable energy in 160 kWh blocks for a fixed cost of $2 per block with a minimum purchase of $4 per month.

News Release - Green Energy Recruits Sought by Olympia, Lacey

Additional Information - City of Lacey Green Power Challenge

Additional Information - City of Olympia Flip the Switch to Green Power

September 2009 - Twenty-six companies, organizations and individuals were recognized with national achievement awards at the Renewable Energy Markets 2009 Conference in Atlanta. The Green Power Leadership Awards recognize actions that are significantly advancing the development of renewable electricity sources through renewable energy markets. The awards are presented by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Center for Resource Solutions.

Among green power purchasers, the highest honors went to the Deutsche Bank AG, Intel Corporation, Kohl’s Department Stores, and Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., who were named Partners of the Year. 3Degrees and Bonneville Environmental Foundation were named Non-Utility Green Power Suppliers of the Year. Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Madison Gas and Electric Company, and Puget Sound Energy won for Utility Green Power Programs of the Year. Ed Holt of Ed Holt & Associates, Inc. received the Green Power Pioneer Award.

News Release - DOE, EPA, and CRS Announce Green Power Leadership Awards

News Release - DOE Recognizes Green Power Network Leaders

More Information - 2008 Green Power Leadership Awards

June 2008 - Over the past two years, utilities and their marketing partners have increased the use of "green power challenges" to increase participation and awareness for their green pricing programs. The utility typically develops the challenge in partnership with local governments, who make their own purchase in conjunction with the challenge, and environmental nonprofit organizations, who can help communicate the challenge. Utility and local government decision-makers typically agree on a goal for a fixed number of sign-ups within a specified time, usually about six months.

In 2007, at least fourteen utilities offered challenges, mostly in small- to mid-sized communities, and several more have done so in 2008. Many of these utilities have done challenges in more than one of the communities within their service territories. For example, Pacific Power and its sister company, Rocky Mountain Power, have launched 11 challenges in their combined Washington, Oregon, and Utah communities. Some programs, like Xcel Energy's Windsource, have conducted a second challenge in a subsequent year in the same community, as a result of their success with the first.

Several green power challenges have exceeded their stated goals. For example, in 2007, Puget Sound Energy launched a Bellingham, Washington challenge that produced 2,000 new customers, pushing the community's participation rate to 11%. In Beaverton, Oregon, Portland General Electric's 2007 challenge set a goal of 250 enrollments and reached twice that number. Generally, challenges have been particularly successful in small towns because of the greater ease in communicating the challenge to utility customers, the greater likelihood that the mayor will prioritize the challenge, and the sense of sense of community pride the challenge can engender.

The U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership recognizes Green Power Communities that achieve collective green power purchases of 2%, 3%, or 6% of the community's purchased electricity needs, depending on the size of the community. Recently, the agency recognized 16 communities, including those of Bellingham and Beaverton, as well as Santa Clara (CA), Bend (OR), and Palo Alto (CA).

March 2007 - Puget Sound Energy (PSE) announced that it received approval from the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to lower the price of its green power offering by about 40%. Effective April 1, residential and small commercial customers can purchase renewable energy under the utility's Green Power Program for 1.25¢/kWh above standard electricity rates, down from 2¢/kWh. Large-volume users, such as industries, governments, and colleges, can purchase green power at a premium of 0.6¢/kWh, down from 1.0¢/kWh. The renewable energy used to supply the program is derived from wind, solar, landfill gas, and biomass sources located in the Pacific Northwest

News Release - PSE Encourages Customers to Go Green

February 2007 - Puget Sound Energy (PSE), which serves more than one million electric customers in Washington State, announced that its green power sales have increased by almost 30% because of recently signed purchase agreements with several cities and government entities. The cities of Bellingham and Olympia, the LOTT Alliance, and Whatcom County have all signed agreements to purchase a collective 53 million kWh of green power annually. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership, Bellingham is now the largest local government in the United States to meet 100% of its municipal electricity needs (26 million kWh) with renewable energy. Under PSE's Green Power Program, residential customers can purchase a minimum of 200 kWh of renewable electricity at an extra cost of $4 on their monthly bills, or a premium of 2¢/kWh. The additional cost to businesses and the local government entities varies based on their participation level.

News Release - Cities from Bellingham to Olympia Sign Agreements with Puget Sound Energy to Go Green

December 2006 - The LOTT Alliance, a public wastewater treatment partnership serving more than 85,000 people in Thurston County, Wash., has committed to purchase green power for 100% of its power needs. The green power, amounting to about 7.5 million kWh annually, will be supplied by Puget Sound Energy and will cost the average wastewater ratepayer about 27 cents more per month. Under the utility's Green Power Program, customers can purchase an unlimited number of 100-kWh blocks of green energy at $2.00 per block or can purchase green energy equal to 100% of their total monthly energy usage at the same 2¢/kWh premium rate.

News Article - Sewer Fees May Rise in '08 - No longer online at

February 2006 - Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington is purchasing renewable energy for 100% of its electricity needs, making it one of the largest purchases among colleges and universities nationally according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership. The college is purchasing more than 16 million kWh of wind energy annually for its Olympia and Tacoma campuses from Puget Sound Energy and Tacoma Power. The green power purchase is financed through a fee of $1 per credit-hour per student, which went into effect in October 2005.

News Release - EPA, Washington State Senate Honor Evergreen's Commitment

News Article - Evergreen's Energy Effort Gets National Attention

February 2005 - In one of the largest renewable energy commitments from a college or university, the board of trustees of Western Washington University (WWU) approved a student fee that will pay for the purchase of renewable energy for nearly all of the university's electricity needs, which total about 33 million kWh annually. The trustee action follows passage of a green energy initiative by 85% of student voters in spring 2004. The board approval enables university officials to begin negotiating with Puget Sound Energy to purchase the green power, which is supplied through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. The WWU purchase is expected to increase the utility's green power sales by about 50%.

News release - WWU Trustees Approve Green Energy Fee: Western Set to Become a National Leader in Renewable Energy

News Article - Western gets green light for power

WWU Contacts:
Tim Wynn, WWU Facilities Management, (360) 650-3496
Rachel Zommick, Associated Students president, (360) 650-3265

September 2004 - Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish County Public Utility District and Tacoma Power announced that the three utilities have together garnered more than 4,300 new green pricing customers as a result of a joint, 10-week public information campaign. The campaign, which kicked off on April 15th, involved television ads, the Internet and permission-based email, coupled with utility bill inserts and free coffee products from Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters. Other partners in the outreach campaign included Belo Marketing Solutions, which coordinated the media efforts, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

News Release - "I Want My GPT!" (Green Power Too) Say Thousands of Puget Sound-Region Utility Customers - Results of Recent Green Power Public Information Campaign Confirm: Utility Green Power Programs are Working, Wanted and Worthwhile

September 2004 - The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) announced that it will expand the scope of its Northwest Solar Cooperative, a program that directly supports the development of new solar power projects in the Pacific Northwest. BEF has entered into an agreement with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to sell the output of another 75 kW of solar systems in the region to meet growing demand for green energy from the utility's green pricing program. The Northwest Solar Cooperative pays qualifying homeowners and businesses up to 10¢/kWh for the "green tags" produced by their on-site solar power systems. To date, the cooperative has enrolled more than 120 kW of solar energy capacity in the program, including facilities in Oregon and Washington.

PSE currently has more than 13,000 customers participating in its green pricing program, a 50% increase from a year ago.

News Release - Solar Electricity Projects Feel the Power of Puget Sound Energy's Green Tag Purchase Plans

April 2004 - Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish County Public Utility District, and Tacoma Power have teamed on the development of a public information campaign to encourage electricity customers to purchase green power. The integrated campaign combines television, Internet, permission-based e-mail, and utility bill inserts to increase consumer awareness of and customer signups for the utilities' green pricing programs.

Program participants pay a modest premium, usually $3 to $6 a month, to support the generation of new renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest. The campaign was conceived from market research indicating that customer interest in green power is very high but awareness of the utility programs is low. The campaign is designed to reach more than two-thirds of western Washington's population. Olympia-based Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, which purchases green power to supply its own operations, will contribute coffee and mugs to the first 3,000 customers who sign up in response to the campaign. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is also a campaign partner.

News Release - Puget Sound Region's Electric Utilities Give Green Light to Green Power Campaign

Puget Sound Energy Contact: Mike Richardson, (425) 456-2839
Snohomish PUD Contact: Bob Nicholas, (425) 783-1778
Tacoma Power Contact: Mark Aalfs, (253) 502-8939
BEF Contact: Tom Starrs (503) 248-1905

June 2002 - Energy Northwest announced the completion of a new 38.7-kW photovoltaic (PV) system that will supply a portion of the power for green pricing programs offered by Clark Public Utilities and Puget Sound Energy. Under the agreement, Energy Northwest will own and operate the system, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) will add the power to its system mix, and Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) will market "green tags" representing the environmental attributes of the solar output to utilities and other customers.

News Release - Largest Photovoltaic Solar Power Facility in the Northwest Now in Operation (PDF 32 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

Energy Northwest Contact: Gary Miller (509) 377-8728

January 2002 - Puget Sound Energy (PSE), an investor-owned utility serving more than 900,000 customers in western Washington State, is offering a green pricing option to its residential and business customers. Participating customers must purchase at least 200 kWh of green power for an extra $4 per month, or a 2.0¢/kWh premium on the regular rate. Additional 100-kWh blocks can be purchased for $2 each. PSE is teaming with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to supply the program with power from new wind projects and other renewable resources in the Pacific Northwest.

Under a law enacted in 2001, all Washington-based utilities are required to offer a green power option to their customers beginning in 2002.

Puget Sound Contact: Liz Norton (425) 424-6505

September 1997 - The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved a two-year customer choice pilot program for residential, commercial, and industrial customers of Puget Sound Energy. Approximately 85,000 customers within the pilot program areas will be able to purchase power from other utilities, brokers, and marketers. Up to 10,000 customers will have electricity provider choice as soon as November 1. Although the power suppliers have yet to be selected, Puget is working to inform and educate customers about green power options that may be offered.

News Release - Puget Sound Energy Wins Approval to Launch Retail Competition Pilot - Electric Utility Week

Puget Sound Energy Contact: Dorothy Bracken (206) 521-5100

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