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Missouri River Energy Services

December 2003 - Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), a wholesale power provider for 56 municipal utilities in four Midwest states, is adding two, 950-kW wind turbines to its Worthington, Minnesota wind farm to supply its Riverwinds green pricing program. The program has also been expanded to include 16 municipal utilities in Iowa, which by state law are now required to offer a green pricing option.

Under the Riverwinds program, customers of participating utilities can purchase 100-kWh monthly blocks of wind energy for $2.00 to $2.50 per block (2.0¢kWh to 2.5¢kWh), depending on the utility. Currently, a total of 38 utilities in Minnesota (20), Iowa (16), South Dakota (1), and North Dakota (1) offer the program to their retail customers.

News Release - Missouri River Energy Services and its members expand wind energy program

MRES Contact: Jeff Peters (605) 330-6970

May 2002 - Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), a joint-action agency providing wholesale power to 56 member municipal utilities in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, has launched a new program to develop wind energy in the region. Through its RiverWinds program, MRES will provide wind energy to its member utilities, which will then set the price for their customers. Initially, two 900-kW wind turbines are being constructed outside of Worthington, MN, which should be operational in July. MRES is also making "green tags" available to non-member municipal utilities interested in developing green pricing programs for their customers. The green tags are priced at $2.50 per 100 kWh.

News Article - Wind turbines could go up west of Worthington by July

MRES Contact: Jeff Peters (605) 330-6970

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