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Minnkota Power Cooperative

August 2006 - Minnkota Power Cooperative, which serves 11 distribution cooperatives in Minnesota and North Dakota, has lowered the premium charged for its Infinity Wind Energy program from 1.5¢/kWh to 0.5¢/kWh. In making the change, Minnkota cited cost increases for conventional generation sources that have narrowed the price differential between wind energy and other resources in the utility's generation portfolio. As a result of the price change, one distribution utility—Nodak Electric—has dropped the premium-priced program altogether. Minnkota has now lowered the premium several times since the program was launched in 1999. The wind energy is supplied from two, 900-kW wind turbines located in North Dakota.

Additional Information - Nodak Neighbor Newsletter (July/August 2006) - "Wind Subscription Cost Eliminated" (PDF 777 KB)

Minnkota Contact: Al Tschepen, (701) 795-4204

November 1999 - Minnkota Power Cooperative, a generation and transmission cooperative operating in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, is offering member distribution cooperatives and municipals the chance to purchase wind-generated power through a program called "Infinity Wind Energy." Nine of 12 member distribution cooperatives are participating in the program, through which customers can choose to purchase 100-kWh blocks of wind energy at a premium of $6.00 per month, or 6.0/kWh. According to Minnkota, the premium could be reduced if federal and/or state tax incentives become available.

The size of the project will depend on the level of customer commitments; Minnkota plans to construct the first wind turbine when it receives commitments for 1,200 to 1,500 blocks of power (for a 600-kW or 750-kW turbine, respectively). In total, about 90,000 customers of the Minnkota-associated systems are eligible to participate.

News Release - Minnkota Power Cooperative Announces Infinity Wind Energy Project - No longer online at

Utility Article - Minnkota Launches Wind Energy Project - No longer online at

Minnkota Contact: Mel Nelson (701) 795-4208

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