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April 2013 - Green Mountain Power (GMP) has been approved by the Vermont Public Service Board to expand its Cow Power Program throughout the state of Vermont. The Cow Power Program has been offered in a limited territory since 2004, providing a means for GMP customers to buy renewable energy for a premium of 4.0¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Now, 90,000 additional customers will be able to enroll in the program, which is powered by 12 Vermont farms and over 10,000 dairy cows. To generate the power, farmers put cow manure into an anaerobic digester which converts the waste into various byproducts including methane. The methane is used to power a generator that feeds electricity into the grid. The process gives farmers an additional source of income while reducing methane emissions and supporting green power through the state.

Press Release - GMP Cow Power Now Available to All GMP Customers

October 2012 - Killington Resort, a ski area in central Vermont, has announced that it will power one of its gondola lifts for the 2012-13 ski season using electricity generated from Vermont dairy cows. Through a program offered by Green Mountain Power called Cow Power, the resort is able to purchase part of its electricity at a premium over retail electricity rates to support Vermont's dairy farms. The participating farms create electricity through collecting cow manure, feeding it into an anaerobic digester to produce methane, and burning that methane to power a generator.

News Release - Killington Resort to Use Cow Manure to Power K-1 Express Gondola

Contact: Sarah Thorson, 708-358-5781

April 2009 - Green Mountain Power (GMP), a Vermont-based utility serving more than 250,000 customers in the state, announced that it received regulatory approval to reduce the price its green pricing program participants voluntarily pay for renewable energy certificates (RECs), from the previous 4¢/kWh to a new rate of 3¢/kWh over the standard rate. Under the GreenerGMP program, customers buy RECs sourced from methane gas and biomass generation projects in Vermont. The utility reported that it recently negotiated lower priced RECs from the projects supporting the program and seeks to pass the lower costs to its program participants.

News Release - GMP reduces renewable energy premium for customers by 25%

April 2007 - Green Mountain Power, an electric utility company serving one-quarter of the State of Vermont's population, announced a new program that provides its customers with a way to neutralize their carbon footprints through renewable power and home heating and driving offsets. Simultaneously, the company announced that it is now carbon neutral in its operations, which includes its offices, facilities, trucks and all business travel.

Through the Choose2BGreen program, customers can choose to sign up for Greener GMP, CoolHome, or CoolDriver, or all three. Greener GMP offers residential and small commercial customers the choice to have 25%, 50%, or 100% of their monthly electricity use sourced from New England-based renewable energy projects at a premium of about 3¢/kWh. CoolHome and CoolDriver are carbon offset products supplied by NativeEnergy, which uses the revenues to finance the development of renewable energy resources in Vermont and the Midwest.

News Release - Green Mountain Power "Choose2bgreen" Program Allows Customers to Go Carbon Neutral

News Article - Green Mountain Power announces eco-friendly program - No longer online at Burlington Freepress

April 2006 - Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) announced that it will provide grants to four farms to defray the cost of building new farm-based electric generating systems. When in place, the four projects will provide a total of 8.4 million kWh of annual electricity supply for the utility's CVPS Cow Power green pricing program. Under the program, CVPS customers can choose to receive 25%, 50% or 100% of their electricity as green power at an extra cost of 4¢/kWh. Program revenues are used to support dairy farmers who want to process their cow manure and other farm waste to generate electricity. Currently, more than 2,500 CVPS customers are enrolled in the program.

News Release - The Ultimate in Recycling: Four More Farms Plan CVPS Cow Power Generators, Receive Grants (PDF 18 KB) Download Adobe Reader

News Article - Four Vermont Farms Sign On As Cow Power Contributors

March 2006 - Green Mountain Power (GMP), a Vermont-based energy services company serving 90,000 electric customers, announced that it received regulatory approval to offer a new green power product to its customers. Under the Greener Mountain Power program, residential and small commercial customers can choose to have 25%, 50% or 100% of their power supplied from renewable energy sources, while industrial customers can choose a 10% level. The product is offered at a fixed price for the five-year subscription period, currently a premium of from 4.097¢/kWh to 4.38¢/kWh above standard rates depending on customer class. The premium may go up or down over time depending on movements in the utility's energy costs. The power will be sourced from renewable energy sources connected to the New England electric grid.

GMP continues to offer the CoolHome program, under which participating customers make a $6 per month donation to Clean Air — Cool Planet and NativeEnergy to support regional and national renewable energy projects to offset the carbon impact of powering and heating their homes. GMP customers can participate in both programs.

News Release - Green Mountain Power Introduces New Renewable Rate

August 2004 - The Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) approved a new green pricing program to be offered by Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) that will tap farm-based methane systems. The CVPS Cow Power™ program will offer customers the option of receiving 25%, 50% or 100% of their electricity as green power at an extra cost of 4¢/kWh. If farm-based generation proves insufficient to supply the program, the utility will first attempt to acquire and retire renewable energy certificates (RECs) from other regionally based renewable generation sources or, as a last resort, deposit customer payments into the CVPS Renewable Development Fund that will provide incentives for farm-based generation projects. CVPS serves more than 150,000 customers in nearly three-quarters of the towns, villages and cities in Vermont.

News Release - Board Approves CVPS Cow Power™ Program

News Article - Power company to encourage methane generation

More Information - Vermont PSB Order Approving CVPS Program (PDF 146 KB)

CVPS Contact: Steve Costello (802) 747-5427

March 2004 - Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) is seeking approval from the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) to offer a renewable energy option for its 148,000 electricity customers. Under the proposed CVPS Cow Power program, customers would be able to purchase green power for 25%, 50% or 100% of their monthly electricity needs at a premium of 4¢/kWh—a typical residential customer using 500 kWh per month would pay an additional $20 for 100% green power. The utility intends to supply the program from electric generating facilities fueled with methane from Vermont-based dairy farms. The company hopes to gain regulatory approval to offer the service beginning in July.

News Release - CVPS Cow Power™ Links Customers, Farms, Environment

January 2003 - Green Mountain Power, an investor-owned utility that serves one-quarter of the retail customers in Vermont, announced a new monthly renewable energy service that will enable customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting the development of new renewable energy projects. Under the CoolHome program, customers can make tax-deductible donations of $6 per month to Clean Air-Cool Planet, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding solutions to global climate change, which in turn uses the donations to support development of new renewable energy projects through Vermont-based NativeEnergy. Initially, the funds collected will be used to support two 30-kW turbines fueled by methane gas from a wastewater facility in Vermont, a 750-kW wind turbine on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota, and several farm methane projects in Vermont.

The CoolHome program was first introduced to Green Mountain Power customers as a one-time-payment pilot program in May 2002.

News Release - Green Mountain Power Launches New Program for Customers to Combat Global Warming With Renewable Energy Projects

Green Mountain Power Contact: Dotty Schnure (802) 655-8418

May 2002 - NativeEnergy announced that it will supply "green tags" to be used for a new program that will allow customers of Green Mountain Power Corporation to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Through donations to Clean Air-Cool Planet, the utility's residential and business customers can help support the development of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind Turbine Project in South Dakota and a Vermont-based farm methane project.

News Release - Green Mountain Power and Clean Air-Cool Planet Team Up to Help Customers Fight Global Warming

News Release - Construction to Proceed on First Native American Owned and Operated Large-Scale Wind Turbine

NativeEnergy Contact: Tom Stoddard (802) 453-7821

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