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Florida Power & Light Company

August 2008 - The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) announced that they were terminating Florida Power & Light Company's (FPL) Sunshine Energy green pricing program and that any future customer contributions to the program would be placed into an escrow account. More than 38,000 customers had participated in the program, which began in December 2003.

PSC Commissioners further directed staff to continue to pursue an audit of how the funds were utilized by Green Mountain Energy Company, a third party renewable energy contractor that ran the program in partnership with FPL. The results of this audit will be considered in a future Commission proceeding. A prior Commission staff audit of the program indicated that only 20 percent of the $11.4 million collected from customers was applied to developing renewable energy facilities.

News Release - PSC Terminates FPL's Sunshine Energy Program

News Release - Green Mountain Energy Company's Response to Florida Public Service Commission Vote to End FPL Sunshine Energy® Program

More Information - Florida PSC Docket No. 070626

January 2007 - Sterling Planet, Inc. announced a partnership with the National Football League (NFL) Environmental Program and Florida Power & Light (FPL) to make Super Bowl XLI and the NFL Experience Football Theme Park both 100% renewable energy events. Although this will be the third "carbon-neutral" Super Bowl, it is the first Super Bowl to use 100% renewable energy. Sterling Planet will supply renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Florida-based solar and bioenergy sources to indirectly offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with conventional electricity consumption at the events.

News Release - Sterling Planet Provides Renewable Energy for Super Bowl XLI and NFL Experience (PDF 82 KB) Download Adobe Reader

News Article - Greening the Super Bowl

November 2006 - Florida Power & Light announced that it is expanding its Sunshine Energy green power program to its nonresidential customers. Starting in April 2007, commercial customers will be able to participate by purchasing 1000 kWh of renewable energy each month for their electricity needs at a monthly rate premium of $9.75, the same price as for residential customers. The program is supplied with renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind and biomass sources. In addition, FPL has committed to install 150 kW of solar for every 10,000 customers who enroll. Since the program was launched in 2004, about 26,000 residential customers have enrolled. FPL also received approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to convert Sunshine Energy from a pilot to a permanent program.

News Release - FPL plans to offer business customers Sunshine Energy®; PSC gives unanimous approval to extend renewable program offer to business customers

June 2006 - According to a June 15 article in the Palm Beach Post, Florida Power and Light (FPL) plans to make its Sunshine Energy green pricing option available to its commercial customers. Currently, residential customers can purchase renewable energy in 1,000-kWh increments each month at an extra cost of $9.75, or a rate premium of 0.975¢/kWh. The green power is supplied with renewable energy certificates (RECs) sourced from projects located in Florida and other states. In addition, FPL pledges to add 150 kW of solar capacity in Florida for every 10,000 customer signups. At the end of 2005, the FPL program was among the national leaders in both customer participants and green power program sales.

News Article - FPL wants to expand green-power plan to businesses

April 2006 - Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) announced that it will install a 250-kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system at Rothenbach Park in Sarasota. The project is part of FPL's commitment to develop new solar facilities as a result of customer participation in the utility's Sunshine Energy program. Under the program, residential customers can purchase renewable energy in increments of 1,000 kWh each month at an extra cost of $9.75. FPL has pledged to add 150 kW of solar capacity in Florida for every 10,000 customer signups. Currently, nearly 24,000 customers participate in the program, which is marketed in partnership with Green Mountain Energy Company of Austin, TX.

News Release - FPL Selects Rothenbach Park for First Sunshine Energy® Solar Location

News Article - FP&L to Build Solar Power Facility in Sarasota

October 2005 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) honored a group of organizations committed to advancing the development of green power markets in the United States. The annual Green Power Leadership Awards, recognizing leading national green power purchasers and suppliers, were presented on October 24 at the Tenth National Green Power Marketing Conference in Austin, Texas.

EPA and DOE presented awards for green power purchasing to 29 organizations. The highest honor in purchasing, the Green Power Partner of the Year Award, was presented to HSBC North America, Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Air Force and WhiteWave Foods Company. Additional Purchaser Award winners included: Alameda County, California; Aspen Skiing Company; the Atlantic Golf division of the Brick Companies; Dagoba Organic Chocolate; FedEx Express Oakland, California Hub Facility; City of Fresno, Calif.; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters; Harvard University; the Hyatt Regency Dallas and the Hyatt Regency Dallas-Fort Worth; Mohawk Fine Papers; Safeway Inc.; St. Francis Winery and Vineyard; Starbucks Coffee; The University of Minnesota, Morris; the City of Vallejo, Calif.; Western Washington University; Whole Foods Market – Rocky Mountain Region; and the World Bank Group.

Seven awards were also presented to organizations demonstrating notable success in marketing and encouraging green power program participation. The highest honor, Green Power Program of the Year, was presented to Austin Energy's GreenChoice Program for the second consecutive year. Other Supplier Award winners included 3 Phases Energy; Enel North America, Inc.; Florida Power & Light; PacifiCorp's Blue Sky Program; PECO WIND and Community Energy; and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

CRS presented Green Power Market Development Awards to organizations and individuals showing leadership in building and shaping the market for renewable energy. Recipients included 3 Phases Energy, Gainesville Regional Utilities, Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Blair Swezey of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

More Information - 2005 Award Ceremony Booklet (PDF 1.1 MB) Download Acrobat Reader

August 2004 - Less than six months after the launch of its Sunshine Energy green power program, Florida Power & Light Company announced that nearly 6,000 residential customers are now enrolled, making it the fastest growing green pricing program in the Southeast. FPL partners with Green Mountain Energy Company to market the program to customers.

Under the program, residential customers can purchase renewable energy in increments of 1,000 kWh each month at an extra cost of $9.75. The program is supplied with renewable energy certificates from wind, solar and biomass sources located in Florida and other states. For every 10,000 customers who sign up for the Sunshine Energy program, FPL will add 150 kW of solar capacity in Florida. The utility plans to announce the location of the first solar facility in the coming weeks.

News Release - FPL's Sunshine Energy® program approaches 6,000 customer milestone; FPL customers make local "green" program fastest growing in the Southeast

News Release - Green Mountain Energy Company Selected by Florida Power & Light to Help Implement FPL's New Green Pricing Program

News Article - Sunshine Energy approaches first solar milestone

News Article - FPL says 6,000 subscribing to Sunshine Energy program - No longer online at

December 2003 - Florida Power & Light (FPL) received approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to offer its residential customers a green pricing program. Under the three-year pilot program, customers will have the option to pay $9.75 more per month for the utility to purchase renewable energy certificates representing 1,000 kWh of power generated from projects in the Southeast region, including Florida. FPL has also committed to the development or purchase of 150 kW of photovoltaics capacity within Florida for every 10,000 participating customers. The utility plans to officially launch the program during the first quarter of 2004.

News Release - Green Mountain Energy Company Selected by Florida Power & Light to Help Implement FPL's New Green Pricing Program

News Release - FPL To Offer Environmentally Friendly Sunshine Energy Program to Residential Customers

More Information - Docket No. 030752-EI - Petition for Approval of Green Power Pricing Research Project as Part of Demand-Side Management Plan by Florida Power & Light Company (PDF 972 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

FPL Contact: Joshua Bass (305) 552-4302

August 1999 - As one outcome of regulatory proceedings, Florida Power and Light (FP&L) signed a formal agreement with the Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation (LEAF) to explore the development of a green pricing program which emphasizes solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. FP&L set a goal of obtaining 10,000 participants for a green pricing program that would install 150 kW of PV by 2003. FP&L initiated a pilot green pricing program in 1997 and recently installed a 10-kW PV system after collecting about $90,000 in voluntary customer contributions.

News Release - Customers to Benefit From FPL/LEAF Proposal On Environmental, Energy Efficiency Initiatives (July 6, 1999) - No longer online at

News Article - Power in Light (August 16, 1999)

LEAF Contact: Deb Swim (850) 681-2591

May 1997 - Pursuant to settlement agreements with the Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation (LEAF), Florida Power & Light (FP&L) and the City of Tallahassee will develop green pricing programs to support construction of PV systems. FP&L will develop a 10-kW solar photovoltaic (PV) unit at one of its power plants, using bill inserts and direct mailings to solicit customers for the program. Tallahassee will match customer contributions up to $250,000 to install a 10-kW solar PV system on a building within the city.

March 1997 - Florida Power & Light has proposed a green pricing program to fund the purchase of photovoltaic systems. Customers will be able to include dollar amounts of their choice with the monthly utility bill.

FP&L Contact: Bob Valdez (305) 552-4778

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