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New Wind Turbine to be Built from EPA Agreement with Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Portland, OR — May 10, 2000 — A new wind turbine will soon be generating clean electric power for the Environmental Protection Agency under the terms of an agreement reached today with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF).

The "green tag" transaction, involving annual payments from EPA to the Foundation, will support the installation and operation of at least one new wind turbine in the region. The turbine will be rated at about 700 kilowatts capacity, and is expected to generate about 2.1 million kilowatt hours annually, about the annual consumption of EPA's Manchester Laboratory in Port Orchard, WA.

The output from such a turbine will displace an equivalent amount of fossil fuel (coal and gas) generation, or about 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Other air pollutants would be avoided as well. Because EPA's contribution makes this outcome possible, the agency can claim credit for offsetting an equal level of pollutants caused by its use of electricity.

"This sale will help us bring the cost of new regional wind still lower," said Angus Duncan, president of the Foundation. "By the end of next year, we hope to double the amount of green power the EPA payment will support, and the environmental benefits it delivers."

With the Foundation's "green tag" energy product, the customer's annual payment to the Foundation goes to pay that share of the cost of new wind energy that exceeds the market price of conventional power. The actual output is then sold as conventional power at market prices, while the contributor — EPA — can take credit for the environmental benefits.

BEF expects to obtain the wind energy from a new Bonneville Power Administration Northwest windfarm that will be developed by the end of 2001.

BEF is an independent non-profit foundation that generates revenues from marketing environmentally-preferred, or "green" power, to utilities and end use customers throughout the four Northwest states. Working with BPA and other suppliers, and with supporting environmental groups, BEF has completed transactions involving the sale of some 23 average Megawatts (23,000 kilowatts) of green power since its inception in 1998.

BEF uses the net revenues from these sales to fund new renewable energy resources, and watershed restoration projects in the four-state area. In its first 18 months, BEF has generated more than $2.5 million in net revenues. Its disbursements have gone to nine projects to date, ranging from solar energy in Ashland, Oregon, to securing critical streamside habitat in western Montana.

BEF Contacts:
Angus Duncan (503)329-9412
Pam Field (503)248-1905

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