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Luzenac America Offsets 100% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With Electrical Energy Use at Yellowstone Talc Mine

The World's Leading Talc Producer Partners with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to Make Electrical Energy Use at its Principle Mine in North America 100% Non-Polluting and Climate Neutral

Portland, OR — July 7, 2003 — The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) announced today that Luzenac America, Inc. has offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with electrical energy use at its Yellowstone Talc Mine through a substantial purchase of Green Tags from BEF. The Green Tags (also know as Tradable Renewable Energy Credits) represent over 1,700 megawatt-hours of renewable energy produced from non-polluting wind resources. Luzenac's Green Tag purchase makes the electrical energy use at its Yellowstone mine located in Cameron, Montana completely climate neutral and non-polluting.

Luzenac's strong commitment supports an increase of wind power in the national power grid and a corresponding reduction in electricity generated from traditional fossil fuel utilities. This results in the annual savings of 1,190 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily carbon dioxide - CO2) that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere. In other terms, Luzenac's commitment to Green Tags is the CO2 offset equivalent to planting 486 acres of trees or taking 234 cars off the road for one year.

"Our people in Montana run their operation in a model fashion, and we are pleased to build on past environmental programs with our recent Green Tag purchase," said Rich Zazenski, Director of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Product Safety for Luzenac. Zazenski continued, saying, "Luzenac and its employees have a deep respect for the environment, and we have a sincere interest in preserving land in which we work and live. By entering into this partnership with BEF, we hope to promote the awareness, viability, and potential of renewable energy."

Angus Duncan, BEF's President, is impressed with what Luzenac has done to demonstrate its commitment to the environment: "Luzenac's choice to support Green Tags is important because it demonstrates their commitment to mitigating the negative effects of common electricity use. We are also pleased because this purchase of Green Tags continues to show the growing diversity of types of companies who are taking ownership for reducing the environmental footprint of business activities."

Luzenac's Yellowstone Talc Mine has been in operation since 1950 and is renowned for the high quality and purity of its talc. One of the many uses of talc is in the paper industry (companies such as Blue Heron Paper Co. - both a supporter of BEF Green Tags and Luzenac talc customer), in which it functions as a non-toxic agent for pitch control in the paper making process. As more and more paper is recycled and paper producers are requiring virgin pulp from sustainable forestry, talc's ability to trap detrimental substances helps paper makers utilize their prime material more efficiently. This equates to over 10 million tons of pulp, paper and recycled fiber being improved without the use of chemicals.

About Luzenac America, Inc.
Luzenac America is part of the Luzenac Group of companies, the world's leading talc producer. The Luzenac Group produces, ships and sells in excess of 1.4 million tons of talc from over 30 talc mines and processing plants in Europe, North and Central America, and Australia. Luzenac Group sets standards for the industry in innovation, technical ability, product quality, safety and the environment, and corporate governance. Luzenac Group's parent company is Rio Tinto PLC, a world leader in the mining and production of industrial materials.

About BEF
The Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 1998 to further the development and use of new renewable energy resources. Through revenues generated from the sales of green power products, BEF funds projects that restore damaged watersheds and support new renewable energy projects from solar, wind and bio-mass. BEF pioneered the sale of Green Tags in 1999 and has helped establish national standards for certification and trading. Created by regional environmental groups and the Bonneville Power Administration, the Foundation operates collaboratively but independent of both. Visit online at

About Green Tags
Also known as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or Tradable Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs), BEF's Green Tags represent the environmental benefits that occur when renewable energy replaces energy produced from burning fossil fuels on the power grid. The result is a corresponding savings in greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide). BEF's Green Tags are Green-e certified by the Center for Resource Solutions ( and designated Climate Cool by the Climate Neutral Network as having a net zero impact on the climate ( The Natural Resources Defense Council, Renewable Northwest Project and the Northwest Energy Coalition certify new renewable energy resources that produce BEF's Green Tags.

BEF Contact: Pat Nye (503) 248-1905
Luzenac America, Inc. Contact: Barry Nelson (303) 643-0433

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