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May 2001 - A group of New Jersey agencies and universities are purchasing green power to meet about 15% of their collective electricity needs. The group has contracted with Conectiv Energy to purchase Nature's Power 50, a 50% renewable, Green-e certified product supplied from landfill gas and small hydro resources. Over the course of the 16-month contract, the group will purchase a total of 152 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) at a cost of $2.1 million, or about 1.7¢/kWh over the cost of system power. Conectiv will supply the power through January 2002.

Participants in the aggregation group include departments and agencies within the State of New Jersey; 11 state universities; NJ Transit; the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority; the New Jersey Turnpike Authority; the New Jersey Highway Authority; the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission; the Delaware River Port Authority; the New Jersey Water Supply Authority; South Jersey Transportation Authority; and Palisades Interstate Park Commission.

NJ DEP Contact: Joe Carpenter (609) 292-4871

January 2001 - As a result of sharp increases in wholesale power costs triggered by higher natural gas prices, some alternative providers, including those that have offered clean or green power options, are exiting retail power markets in several Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. According to an article in the Asbury Park Press, AES Power Direct became the latest marketer to announce that it will return its customers to their default suppliers. The company will turn back more than 15,000 customers in New Jersey, including those that were purchasing its environmentally friendly power offering. The company is also no longer accepting new customers in Pennsylvania. is another casualty of "soaring wholesale rates," according to a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The company has informed its 30,000 Pennsylvania customers that they must select an alternative provider or be returned to their default supplier. is also returning customers in other parts of the country, including California, where it was supplying green power.

Prior to these most recent announcements, Conectiv Energy had ceased its retail marketing activities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where the company was offering both conventional and green power products.

News Article - New Jersey Alternative Energy Supplier to Leave State - No longer online at

News Article - Utility.Com Plans to Disconnect 30,000 Pennsylvania Electric Customers - No longer online

June 2000 - Conectiv Energy is no longer offering residential electricity service in Pennsylvania as a result of hot summer weather that has strained power supplies and driven up prices in the wholesale market. Unable to compete against incumbent utility rates, Conectiv announced that it will be returning its 35,000 residential customers, including more than 5,000 green power customers, back to their default service providers in July. Conectiv continues to offer electricity service, including its Nature's Power green power products, to business customers in PECO's service territory.

Although electricity price spikes are occurring throughout the East, Conectiv is maintaining its presence in the New Jersey market. The company plans to continue offering green power to New Jersey customers in Conectiv Power Delivery's service territory.

Conectiv Contact: Joan Nowak (302) 224-6706

March 2000 - After several months of competition with little customer switching, New Jersey customers finally have some green power choices. Conectiv Energy is offering two renewable energy products to customers in the service territory of Conectiv Power Delivery. And, which already serves 100,000 customers in Pennsylvania and California, announced that it, too, will begin offering two green power options in the Garden State.

Both Conectiv products are Green-e certified. Nature’s Power 100 is a 100% renewables blend made up of power produced from landfill methane and from a number of small hydroelectric facilities, all located in Virginia. Nature’s Power 50 is generated from 50% conventional resources and 50% renewable resources–25% from biomass and 25% from small hydroelectric facilities. Nature’s Power 100 is priced about 10% higher than the "price to compare" while Nature’s Power 50 costs about the same as staying with the default provider. The two products are also available to business customers at a 2% price premium for the 50% renewables product and a 10% premium for the 100% renewables product.

The two products are EcoSmart, containing 50% large hydro, 49% natural gas, and 1% new renewables, and EnviroBlend, containing 50% large-scale hydro and 50% renewable energy sources–about 4% of the renewable power will come from the company’s 10.4-MW Pennsylvania wind project scheduled for completion later this spring. The EnviroBlend product is Green-e certified.

News Release - Greenmountain.Com Brings Cleaner Energy to New Jersey Consumers - No longer online at

News Release - New Jersey Gains the Power to Choose Green-e Certified Electricity

News Release - Energy competitor hopes to clean up with higher prices - No longer online at

Conectiv Energy Contacts: Joan Nowak (302) 224-7412; Steve Huntoon (610) 238-4460
Greenmountain Contact: Kevin Ellis (802) 846-6163

January 2000 - Conectiv Energy announced that it is offering Philadelphia-area schools the opportunity to receive 100% renewable power at no additional cost. In partnership with the Clean Air Council, Conectiv will install and maintain photovoltaic (PV) systems on up to 25 area schools with the schools receiving the remainder of their electricity from Conectiv's Nature's Power product, which is supplied from small hydro and biomass resources. Under current market conditions, each school would pay no more for the solar system and green power purchases than it would for service from their default electricity supplier. Conectiv also plans to provide curriculum assistance to participating schools to maximize the value of the solar installation as a teaching tool.

The cost of the solar systems will be partially subsidized by the Virginia Alliance for Solar Electricity (VASE), an industry/government partnership created to accelerate the deployment of PV systems produced in Virginia.

News Release - Conectiv Energy to Bring Sun's Power to Philadelphia Area Schools - No longer online at

Conectiv Contact: Steve Huntoon (610) 238-4460

November 1998 - Conectiv Energy, of Wilmington, DE announced that it would supply renewable energy to members of the Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania, a 20-year-old, Philadelphia-based fuel oil cooperative. Steve Huntoon, director of business development for Conectiv Energy, cited the alliance as a prime example of Conectiv Energy working with organizations to provide reasonably-priced electricity.

News Release - Conectiv Energy, Pennsylvania Cooperative Work Together

September 1998 - Conectiv Energy became one of the first electric generation suppliers in the Pennsylvania Electric Choice Program to receive the Green-e certification for its renewable energy-based offering. Conectiv Energy's "Nature's Power" offerings, which are composed of at least 50 percent renewable energy, received Green-e certification.

News Release - Conectiv Energy Brings Green Power to Pennsylvania - No longer online at

July 1998 - Conectiv Energy of Wilmington, DE announced that it plans to offer a green power product to customers in the competitive Pennsylvania power market. The company made the announcement in a press release endorsing the use of the Green-e certification standard in Pennsylvania and elsewhere on the East Coast.

News Release - Conectiv Energy Supports Certification for "Green" Electricity - No longer online at

Conectiv Energy Contact: Ted Caddell, (302) 429-3264

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