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Viridian Energy

November 2012 - Viridian Energy has announced that it will expand its green power product offerings to customers in Washington, D.C. and Delaware. Viridian currently offers two green power products: Everyday Green, which provides power that exceeds local renewable energy standards by 20 percent; and Pure Green, which provides 100 percent green power. Both plans are now available to Potomac Electric Power Company customers in Washington, D.C. and Delmarva Energy customers in Delaware.

News Release - Viridian Energy to Expand into Washington, D.C. and Delaware

Contact: Jennifer Webb, 212-221-1616, ext. 102

March 2012 - Viridian Energy will launch its green energy services for Massachusetts customers beginning June 1, 2012. Viridian plans to offer energy services to National Grid and NStar customers, which comprise over 90 percent of Massachusetts's electric consumers. Massachusetts will become the 7th state to be provided with energy services from Viridian. The company offers a 20 percent locally produced renewable energy option, Everyday Green, and a 100 percent renewable wind energy option, Pure Green.

Additional Information - Viridian Energy Announces Launch Date for Massachusetts Market

August 2011 - Connecticut based Viridian Energy launched its green energy service for customers in the Chicago metro area. Viridian provides green power options for customers in Chicago's ComEd utility market at a discount to the utility's price-to-compare. Viridian, which reaches more than 160,000 customers in 18 markets in 6 states, offers residential and commercial customers products that contain a minimum of 20% renewable energy.

Viridian's Everyday Green rate plan is a 20% renewable energy option offered at a variable, introductory rate of 6 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the month of August. Viridian's Pure Green rate plan is a Green-e Energy certified 100% renewable energy option sourced from locally produced wind power, which is currently priced at 6.5 cents per kWh.

News Release - Green energy now available in Chicago, courtesy of Viridian

Additional Information - Viridian Rates - Illinois

Additional Information - Plug In Illinois

June 2011 - Cincinnati Bell Inc. has launched a green energy retail choice product for Duke Energy customers in Ohio. The green power product is a 100 percent regionally sourced wind product, and has been Green-e certified. The "all-in" (electricity and green attributes) product has a variable rate with a current charge of 6¢ per kilowatt-hour.

The green energy service will be provided by a new entity, Cincinnati Bell Energy, which is the first telecom provider to offer retail energy supply along with its standard telecom services. Cincinnati Bell is partnering with Viridian Energy to deliver the new green power offer.

News Release - Cincinnati Bell Energy Launches Green Energy Service

March 2011 - Viridian Energy, a competitive green power marketer, has launched services in the New York City and Westchester ConEdison service territories. The Everyday Green product is sourced with 20 percent local renewable energy. The New York City product has a monthly variable rate and is currently offered at 8.5¢ per kilowatt-hour for residential and small commercial customers, whereas the same product is being offered to Westchester customers for 6.5¢/kWh. The company has also announced plans to offer a 100 percent product that will be Green-e Energy certified.

News Release - Viridian Brings Affordable Clean Energy to the Big Apple

Additional Information - Viridian Energy Products Available in New York City and Westchester

Contact - Allison Riley, 212-221-1616

July 2010 - Viridian Energy, a retail electricity provider, announced its Pure Green renewable energy product has successfully met Green-e Energy standards and the company can now offer this certified product to its electricity customers. The locally sourced 100% renewable electricity option is available to all residential and small commercial electricity consumers in Viridian's service territory, including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.

The Pure Green rate plan will be sourced from wind sources in Pennsylvania and surrounding states, and will initially be offered at a discount to the local utility's generation rates.

News Release - Green-e Energy Certifies Viridian Energy's Pure Green

Contact: Emily R. Bjorklund, 203-274-8702

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