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November 1999 - According to California Energy Markets, an independent news service from Energy NewsData, Edison Source has stopped selling its EarthSource green power product in California and is switching its estimated 7,500 green power customers back to the default utility provider. The green product is a casualty of efforts to improve the profitability of Edison Enterprises, which is the operating parent of Edison Source. Edison Enterprises is the retail business unit of Edison International. The company's biggest customer was Toyota Motor Sales, which will now look to other sources for its green power supplies.

April 1998 - Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), the fourth largest auto company in the U.S., announced on Earth Day that it will become the single largest purchaser of 100% renewable power in the world. All of the electricity for Toyota's U.S. headquarters and several other California facilities, approximately 38 million kWh per year, will now be supplied by Edison Source's EarthSourceSM 100 product. TMS president and CEO, Yoshi Ishizaka, stated, "Toyota has a responsibility to the environment that runs beyond designing, building, and selling clean, efficient, and high-quality cars and trucks. We must also reevaluate every part of our operations from recycling waste paper to purchasing renewable resource electricity."

TMS Contact: Joe Tetherow (310) 618-4727

November 1997 - Edison Source launched its new EarthSource products which offer customers an option of purchasing either half or all of their power from renewables, which will include solar, wind, small hydro, biomass, and geothermal. The 50% option will cost approximately the same as what customers pay for energy today, while those who choose 100% renewable energy will pay approximately 15% more, or about 2¢/kWh, depending on which company presently provides their electric service.

July 1997 - Edison Source, a subsidiary of Edison Enterprises, has issued a request for proposals (RFPs) for suppliers of renewable electricity resources, or "green power." The company plans to introduce a "green power" offering to residential and small commercial customers in January 1998 when the California electric market opens for retail customers.

"We believe there is significant consumer interest in alternative energy sources in California," said Steve Pazian, president and CEO of Edison Enterprises. "With direct access becoming available in January, customers will not only have the opportunity to select their energy provider, they can also look forward to enhanced product and service offerings, including clean, renewable energy."

Edison Source is requesting pricing and capacity information for renewables specified under California Energy Commission (CEC) guidelines. Approved resource generation types include solar, wind, sgeothermal, small hydro, biomass, and landfill gas.

Suppliers who are interested in participating in the process may obtain a copy of the RFP from Edison Source.

Edison Source Contact: Mike Messier (562) 463- 3015

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