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Connecticut Energy Cooperative

August 2002 - The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control announced that the Connecticut Energy Cooperative has ceased operations and is turning back its 11,000 electric customers, including its green power customers, to their default electricity suppliers. In an August 22 article in the Hartford Courant, sources attribute the co-op's problems to a combination of low standard-offer prices and a general lack of knowledge of electricity restructuring among the state's electricity customers. The departure of the co-op leaves Green Mountain Energy Company as the sole green power marketer in the state.

News Release - CT Energy Cooperative Ceases Service - No longer online at

News Article - Lights Out at Energy Co-op (Connecticut Post, August 22, 2002)

News Article - Energy Co-Op Pulls Plug (Hartford Courant, August 22, 2002)

March 2002 - The Connecticut Energy Cooperative announced that it now offers Green Certificates for sale to consumers interested in a one-time purchase of green power for an event or other occasion. The certificates represent the environmental attributes of the co-op's EcoWatt electricity product, consisting of renewable power generated from landfill methane, small hydro, and wind resources, and are sold in 150-kWh blocks at a cost of $3.59 for co-op members (about 2.4¢/kWh) and $3.99 for non-members (about 2.7¢/kWh).

The Co-op also recently added EcoWatt Plus, which includes support for building solar projects in Connecticut.

News Release - Co-op Announces Green Certificates

CT Co-op Contact: Bob Maddox (888)481-3955

January 2002 - On January 23, the Board of Selectmen of Westport, Connecticut, approved a measure to purchase green power from the Connecticut Energy Cooperative to supply the city's Town Hall and most of its recreation buildings. The city will purchase the Co-op's EcoWatt product, which is Green-e certified and supplied primarily from landfill gas and small hydro facilities, with some wind energy. According to the Co-op, Westport is the first municipality in the Northeast to sign up for 100% Green-e certified electricity.

The Co-op supplies green power to more than 3,000 households in Connecticut.

News Release - Westport Becomes First Municipality in Northeast to Buy Green Power

CT Energy Co-op Contact: Bob Maddox (860) 586-2380

November 2001 - Wesleyan University, a private liberal arts and sciences university located in Middletown, Connecticut, announced plans to purchase power generated from renewable sources to supply the annual power needs of the Freeman Athletic Center, which accounts for about 10% of total campus power requirements. The decision followed a student-led, campus-wide campaign to encourage the green power purchase.

Beginning in 2002, the university will purchase 2.1 million kWh annually through the Connecticut Energy Cooperative, a member-owned, non-profit green power marketer. Student members of the Campus Greening Forum raised the $1,500 required for cooperative membership, while the university administration will cover the $40,000 annual cost of the renewable energy purchase.

News Release - Wesleyan to Purchase Green Electricity

News Article - Wesleyan University Turns to 'Green' Energy - No longer online at

May 2001 - The Board of Trustees of Connecticut College unanimously approved a student measure calling for the College to purchase as much as 20% of its power needs from renewable energy sources. The move was spearheaded by the student body, which petitioned to raise student activity fees by $25 to pay the additional cost of purchasing the green power. The power will be purchased from the Connecticut Energy Cooperative, a Hartford-based, non-profit electricity provider that offers EcoWatt, a 100% renewable, Green-e certified power product.

As a result of the purchase, the entire Connecticut College community will have access to all cooperative products and services, including reduced lifetime memberships for their private use. Connecticut College has an enrollment of 1,670 men and women from 43 states and 59 countries.

News Release - Connecticut College is 1st College to Buy Green Power from the Co-op

CT Energy Co-op Contact: Bob Maddox (860) 586-2380
Connecticut College Contact: Nina Lentini (860) 439-2505

January 2001 - The Connecticut (CT) Energy Cooperative announced that it has enrolled 122 United Illuminating (UI) customers for its EcoWatt green power product, thus becoming the first licensed retail power supplier to switch residential customers in the UI service territory from standard offer service. The EcoWatt product is 100% renewable and Green-e certified, and is sold for 1.0¢/kWh more than the standard offer rate in most parts of the state. With the addition of the UI customers, the energy cooperative now serves a total of 825 customers in Connecticut with green power.

News Release - The Big Switch Is Here: The CT Energy Co-op Brings Electricity Choice to UI Customers

CT Co-op Contact: Bob Maddox (860) 586-2380

November 2000 - The Connecticut Energy Cooperative announced that 450 of its 1,600 members (28%) have signed up for its electricity service and that two-thirds of those have chosen its green power option. The cooperative, which is the only alternative power provider currently serving retail customers in Connecticut's newly opened power market, offers a 100% renewable, Green-e certified electricity product called EcoWatt.

Cooperative members choosing the renewable energy option pay 1.0¢/kWh more than the default utility price and 1.25¢/kWh more than they would for the coop's traditionally generated electricity product. The average customer will pay about $5.40 more per month for the green power. The cooperative expects to have 1,000 electricity customers signed up by the end of November.

News Release - For 450 in State, Electricity Choice Arrives; Two-Thirds of Customers Opt to Pay Extra for 'Green' Power - No longer online

June 2000 - The Connecticut Energy Cooperative, a Hartford-based group serving 400-plus members, is offering a 100% renewable energy product certified by Green-e. The new product, marketed as EcoWatt, is comprised of renewable power generated from landfill gas, small hydro, and wind resources. The Co-op estimates that about 6% of the power will come from new or repowered wind resources. Residential customers can purchase the product for 6.5¢/kWh, which is a premium of 1¢/kWh over the standard offer in most parts of the state.

News Release - Green-E Certifies Connecticut Energy Cooperative's 100% Renewable 'Co-op Ecowatt'

CT Co-op Contact: Bob Maddox (860) 586-2380

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