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UGI Utilities Electric Division

November 2007 - UGI Utilities Electric Division, which serves 62,000 electricity customers in Northeastern Pennsylvania, announced plans to offer an alternative energy program starting in early 2008. Under the program, consumers will be able to purchase renewable or alternative energy for 50% or 100% of their electricity needs. The utility is offering two resource blends: 1) a mix of the cleanest forms of electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind, landfill gas, biomass and geothermal; or 2) a mix of energy generated from sources such as wood pulp (byproducts of paper and wood processing), waste coal and solid waste. The first option will be sold at a premium of 0.8¢/kWh above standard electricity rates, while the second option will cost an extra 0.6¢/kWh. The renewable and alternative energy sources used in the program are consistent with those eligible to meet the state's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard.

News Release - "Green Energy" Project to Commence

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