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Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp. (AREC)

March 2001 - A consortium of companies and organizations announced that they will partner to build a 15-megawatt (MW) wind energy project in Fayette County, Pennsylvania that will provide a new source of green power to the state's competitive electricity market. The Mill Run Wind Project will be built by Atlantic Renewable Energy Corporation and marketed to retail customers by Community Energy, Inc.

The Mill Run project is the second, large commercial wind project to be constructed for Pennsylvania's competitive power market — Green Mountain Energy Company dedicated a 10.4-MW project last spring. The new project will be partially funded by ratepayers through the Sustainable Development Fund, which was created in the 1998 PECO restructuring settlement and expanded in the recent Unicom-PECO merger order.

News Release - Largest Wind Farm in Eastern U.S. to be Built in Fayette County; Public-Private Partnership to Create Enough Green Energy to Power 5700 Homes - No longer at

News Article - 'Wind farm' to generate electricity, and could ease concerns - No longer online at

News Article - Wind farm to sprout in Fayette

October 2000 - According to Wind Energy Weekly, wind energy certificates will be available from a second New York project. Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp. (AREC) will sell certificates created from a 12-MW wind project under development in Fenner, New York. AREC already has one customer lined up—the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has agreed to purchase certificates representing about 2 million kWh annually for a new laboratory under construction in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. AREC expects the Fenner project to be operational by mid-2001.

In July, PG&E National Energy Group announced the sale of "Pure Wind" certificates from its 11.5-MW Madison, New York project. AREC, which also developed the Madison project, is working on a third project, a 15-MW wind project in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, scheduled for completion in early 2001.

April 2000 - Developers of a planned 15.6-MW Pennsylvania wind project are seeking bids from entities interested in purchasing green power, green certificates, and/or emission reduction credits that would be generated from the project. The developers of the Mill Run wind project, Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp. and International Wind Co., issued a request for proposals (RFP) soliciting bids for the 43 gigawatt-hours of projected annual output. Construction is scheduled to begin in August and be completed by the end of the year. RFP responses are due on April 27, 2000.

News Release - Green Power Offering from New Wind Power Project in Southwestern Pennsylvania - No longer online at

Atlantic Renewable Contact: Theo deWolff (804) 965-9530
PennFuture Contact: John Hanger (717) 214-7920

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