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AllEnergy Marketing Company

June 1999 - Fifteen months after Massachusetts opened its electric market to competition, the first power supplier to offer a competitive market choice to residential customers has appeared., a web-based power marketer, is offering electricity at discount prices for residential customers in the service areas of Massachusetts Electric Company and Boston Edison Company.

Until now, no alternative suppliers have been able to beat the low "standard offer" rates of the incumbent utilities. However, scheduled increases in the standard offer rates combined with a service bundling strategy has allowed one supplier to enter the market, at least for a trial period. is bundling electricity and telephone service at special rates, including a 10% discount on electricity, for the first 10,000 customers who sign up for a two-year term. Other services will be available in the future. Customers will receive a single, consolidated on-line bill for all services., a licensed broker of Allenergy Products, is marketing AllEnergy's green power product, ReGen, which is the only green offering available in the New England market.

News Release - Delivers Long-Awaited Choice in Electricity for Massachusetts Residents - No longer online at

News Release - The Web's First Energy and Communications Superstore Opens at - No longer online at Contact: Bob Potter (781) 229-9599, ext. 104

December 1998 - The first solar-electric system built for the green power market began operating this week in N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The system is owned by Sun Power Electric of Boston, which bills itself as the first U.S. utility producing all of its power from solar energy and selling it in a competitive market. Sun Power is selling the power produced from Sun Power Station #1, which will have a total capacity of 50 kW, to AllEnergy for its green energy product, "Re-Gen." About one-third of the system, or 60 of the 156 photovoltaic (PV) panels, is currently in place. The system is being partially funded by the Utility PhotoVoltaic Group.

News Release - Power Starts to Flow At First Solar Electric Plant Built for Deregulated Market Announces Sun Power Electric

May 1998 - AllEnergy Marketing Company announced the ReGenSM renewable power upgrade service, the first renewable energy product offered to New England customers in a competitive electric marketplace. Residential and small commercial customers will be able to purchase blocks of renewable service at a premium of $8 per block per month — one block equals approximately 30% of the average customer's electricity use. Large commercial and industrial customers will purchase the service on a per kWh basis. In the first year, AllEnergy will supply the majority of the renewable power from a new landfill gas project, but plans to add PV and wind to the mix in the future.

While the ReGen service will be available to all electricity users in New England, AllEnergy will initially focus its marketing efforts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Already, the Union of Concerned Scientists has signed up as a charter customer for the service.

News Release - Electricity Deregulation is Catalyst For Landmark Initiative That Lets New England Consumers & Businesses Choose Renewable Power Option From AllEnergy - No longer online at

June 1997 - In May 1997, AllEnergy Marketing Company, a Massachusetts-based power marketing subsidiary of New England Electric System, established ReGen Technologies Division to provide consumers with a market choice of electricity generated from renewable technologies. Initially, ReGen will offer environmentally preferable electricity; in the future, ReGen hopes to facilitate the development of new renewable generation projects that use clean technologies such as wind and solar to supplement existing regional resources. ReGen plans to begin its marketing with wholesale and retail customers in New England, where several states are scheduled to allow customers to choose among electricity suppliers beginning in 1998. ReGen plans to enter other markets as retail choice expands.

AllEnergy Contact: Michael Tennis (781) 906-2202

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