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March 2005 - The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) announced that Georgia-based Sterling Planet and New York City-based Community Energy have been selected through a competitive bidding process to provide renewable energy options for customers of the state's two major utility companies, United Illuminating and Connecticut Light and Power. Under the new program, which will begin on April 1, customers will have the option to purchase green power from either of the two providers to meet 50% or 100% of their electricity needs.

The Sterling Planet product is sourced from new wind (33%), existing small hydro (33%), and new landfill gas generators (34%) at a premium of 1.15¢/kWh over standard offer service, which would cost the average residential customer an additional $5.75 per month for the 100% option. The Community Energy offering, which is sourced from 50% new wind and 50% landfill gas, is priced at 1.1¢/kWh over standard offer rates. The two utilities will distribute information about the green power options in monthly billing statements and through their respective Web sites.

News Release - Community Energy, Inc. Announces Launch of CTCleanEnergyOptions

News Release - DPUC Announces Start of Clean Energy Options (PDF 113 KB)

News Article - Starting April 1, electric customers in Connecticut can go "green"

DPUC Contact: Beryl Lyons (860) 827-2670

February 2005 - The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has developed a program to assist Connecticut communities in the purchase and support of clean energy. Under the Clean Energy Communities Program, participating communities will qualify to receive solar PV systems if they commit to: 1) purchase 20% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2010; 2) enroll local businesses and residents in the renewable energy programs to be offered by Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating; and 3) allocate the electricity saved from the new solar system to additional purchases of clean energy. The program was developed in partnership with SmartPower, a nationwide, non-profit marketing campaign, headquartered in Hartford, CT.

News Release - Connecticut's Clean Energy Communities Makes its Debut

CCEF Contact: (860) 563-0015

October 2004 - On October 20, the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control issued a final decision calling for the state's two default distribution utilities to offer a renewable energy service beginning in 2005. Under the order, customers of Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating will have the option of choosing a 50% or 100% renewable energy service to be supplied and marketed by third-party companies selected by competitive bid. The renewable energy sources used to supply the products will be additional to those used for compliance with the state's renewable portfolio standard.

News Release - DPUC Gives Nod to CL&P and UI to Begin Procurement Process to Acquire Environmentally-Friendly Power for New Service Offering

News Article - State utilities to begin offering 'green power' next year - No longer online

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