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September 2004 - Niagara Mohawk (NiMo) announced that about 8,800 customers have enrolled in the utility's GreenUp renewable energy program, since it was unveiled two years ago. Under the program, the utility's customers can purchase renewable energy from one of four participating marketers—Community Energy, EnviroGen, Green Mountain Energy, and Sterling Planet—while continuing to be served by the utility. The additional cost to purchase either 50% or 100% green power ranges from 1.0¢/kWh to 1.5 ¢/kWh, depending on the provider selected. NiMo includes the surcharge as a line item on the participating customer's bill.

News Release - Niagara Mohawk Customers Choosing Renewable Energy

NiMo Contact: Alberto Bianchetti (315) 428-6932
Community Energy Contact: Ron Kamen (917) 453-5740
Green Mountain Energy Contact: Andy Prince (512) 289-4728
Sterling Planet Contact: Bob Maddox (203) 266-7973
EnviroGen Contact: Robert Kreppel (716) 631-1518

August 2004 - The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), a municipal utility that serves nearly 1.1 million electricity customers on Long Island in New York, announced that its LIPA Green Choice Program is now open for enrollment. Under the program, LIPA customers can purchase renewable energy attributes through one of the three participating green power marketers—Community Energy, EnviroGen, or Sterling Planet. The green power options are supplied from sources such as wind, hydro and biomass and range in price from 1¢/kWh to 2¢/kWh above standard electricity rates. LIPA will apply the green power surcharge to the standard monthly electricity bills of participating customers.

Participants can change their initial selections or discontinue participation in the program at any time. LIPA will be supporting the program with a public education campaign that will include inserts in monthly billing statements, a Web page, and newspaper advertisements.

News Release - LIPA Opens Green Power Enrollment

News Article - 'Green' power purchase eased by LIPA plan - No longer online at

March 2004 - The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) announced that it plans to provide green power options for the nearly 1.1 million electricity customers that it serves on Long Island. Under the proposed Green Choice program, retail customers will be able to purchase green power in the form of renewable energy attributes directly from green power marketers. Participating customers will receive a single bill from LIPA reflecting both standard electricity charges and the incremental charge for the green power, which is expected to range from about 0.5¢/kWh to 2¢/kWh. The utility hopes to roll out the program in June.

News Release - LIPA Advances Green Power Option

Additional Information - Green Choice Program Proposal (PDF 78 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

Additional Information - Green Choice Tariff (PDF 318 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

LIPA Media Contact: Michael Lowndes (516) 719-9892
LIPA Program Contact: Sharon Laudisi (516) 222-7700; ext 617

September 2002 - Niagara Mohawk, which serves 1.5 million electricity customers in upstate New York, has unveiled a new program allowing residential and commercial customers to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Under the program, customers can choose to purchase green power products offered by three providers—Community Energy, Inc., Green Mountain Energy Company, and Sterling Planet. Participating customers will not switch from their regular utility service but will see a green power surcharge appear as a line item on their utility bills.

Community Energy is offering a 50% wind/50% hydro product for 1.3¢/kWh that would supply all of a customer's electricity needs. The Green Mountain Energy product, which is also designed to meet 100% of the customer's electricity needs, is supplied from 85% hydro and 15% wind, and priced at 1.5¢/kWh. Finally, customers can choose to meet 50%, 75%, or 100% of their electricity needs with the Sterling Planet product, which is supplied from 30% wind, 20% hydro, and 50% biomass, and priced at 1.5¢/kWh. All of the utility's residential and commercial customers will receive program information with their September bills.

The development of the renewable energy program stems from the settlement agreement reached in the Niagara Mohawk-National Grid merger.

News Release - Niagara Mohawk Kicks Off Renewable Energy Choice - No longer online at

News Release - Green Mountain Energy Company Expands By Launching in New York State

News Release - Sterling Planet and Niagara Mohawk Team to Deliver Green Energy Choices - No longer online at

News Article - NiMo customers can opt for 'green' electricity - No longer online at

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