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Association of Bay Area Governments

December 2000 - The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) reports that its energy service arm, ABAG POWER, is providing electricity price stability to its member agencies with nearly 100% "green energy" in California's tumultuous power market. In September, ABAG POWER signed a fixed-price contract with Calpine Corporation under which Calpine supplies from 30 MW to 40 MW of power, with about 90% of the power coming from plants located at The Geysers geothermal field in Northern California. ABAG POWER members also benefit from state-based customer rebates of as much as 1.0¢/kWh for renewable energy purchases. The current supply agreement with Calpine runs through the end of 2001.

News Release - ABAG Power Pool Saves Members Millions

ABAG Contact: Kathleen Cha (510) 464-7922

September 2000 - After months of uncertainty about its future, ABAG POWER, the power purchasing pool operated by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), announced a new agreement with Calpine that will allow it to stabilize its energy costs and continue to provide low-cost renewable power to its 56 member government agencies. Like other California customers, ABAG members have been struggling with skyrocketing electricity prices. Under the new long-term contract, Calpine will provide power from its geothermal resources at the Geysers as well as other future resources.

News Release - ABAG Power Continues Service to Members - No longer online at Yahoo!

ABAG Contact: Kathleen Cha (510) 464-7922
Calpine Contact: Katherine Potter (408) 995-5115, ext. 1168

August 1999 - The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), an organization comprised of 59 cities, counties, and public agencies thoughout Northern California, announced an agreement to purchase green power for its members. ABAG Power, which currently supplies ABAG members with discounted natural gas, will purchase geothermal energy produced from Calpine Corporation's Geysers facilities in Sonoma County. ABAG Power has registered with the California Energy Commission as a renewable electric service provider, which will allow the group to take advantage of state incentives for renewable energy purchases. Collectively, the group is expected to save $1 million per year from purchasing the green power. In total, the ABAG-affiliated agencies have a peak load of about 63 MW. With the ABAG commitment, local government purchases account for about half of all green power being sold competitively in California.

News Release - ABAG Power Delivers Green Energy to Cities and Counties in Northern California

News Release - Bay Area Governments Make Switch to "Green" Power; Local Governments are Largest Consumers of "Green" Energy

News Article - Bay Area Agencies Buy Green Power

ABAG Power Contact: Elena Schmid (510) 464-7908

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