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NSTAR Electric

March 2010 - NSTAR Green customers could see premiums rise if proposed rates are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. NSTAR customers purchasing 50 percent green power would see premiums increase from 0.837¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 2.356¢/kWh, and customers purchasing 100 percent green power would see premiums increase from 1.396¢/kWh to 4.435¢/kWh.

NSTAR entered into 10-year fixed price contracts for wind energy and RECs, however, the green power premium is based in part on the difference between the fixed price contract and the wholesale energy spot market price received for the wind energy. Under the current rate structure, NSTAR has been under recovering its costs because the initial rate forecasted future spot market prices to be higher than they actually were. It is worth noting that the total price for NSTAR Green (combined with Basic Service) after this proposed adjustment will be slightly lower than the total price when this offering was launched in July 2008.

News Article - NSTAR Green Seeks Rate Hike

Additional Information - NSTAR Green Rate Change

May 2008 - NSTAR received regulatory approval to launch a green pricing option to its Massachusetts electric customers beginning July 1. While rates are not set yet, NSTAR expects to offer renewable energy to residential customers for 50% of their electricity needs at a premium of about 1.45¢/kWh or for 100% of their electricity needs at a premium of 0.85¢/kWh. The 50% option would cost the average consumer about $4 per month more than standard electricity service, while the 100% option would cost about $7 per month extra. The program, called NSTAR Green, was developed through a collaboration between NSTAR and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Conservation Law Foundation and Environment Massachusetts.

To supply the program, NSTAR has signed two 10-year contracts for a total of 60 MW of clean electricity from the Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Upstate New York and TransCanada Corporation for power from the Kibby Wind Power Project currently under development in Maine (PDF 1.0 MB) Download Adobe Reader.

News Release - NSTAR Gets State Approval to Offer Green Power to Customers

July 2007 - NSTAR Electric, an investor-owned utility serving 1.1 million electric customers in eastern and central Massachusetts, announced plans to provide a wind energy purchase option beginning January 1. The NSTAR Green program will allow basic service customers to purchase half or all of their monthly electricity use from wind energy for a rate premium of 3¢/kWh for the 100% option and 1.75¢/kWh for the 50% option (or a 3.5¢/kWh effective wind energy premium). The utility has signed two 10-year contracts for the wind energy supply. One contract is with PPM Energy to receive 30 MW from the Maple Ridge Wind Farm in upstate New York. The other contract is with TransCanada Corporation for 30 MW from the Kibby Wind Power Project currently under development in Maine. The program requires approval from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

News Release - NSTAR Goes Green: Unique Program Offers Renewable Option for Customers

News Article - From NSTAR, an Offer in the Wind

October 2003 - NSTAR, an investor-owned utility that serves 1.1 million electricity customers in Massachusetts, filed with the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy to offer a green power option to its residential and small commercial customers on standard offer or default service. Under its proposed NSTAR Green program, customers could meet 25% of their electricity needs from new, renewable energy sources. In its filing, NSTAR estimated that the green power would be priced about 10% above standard offer or default rates. NSTAR plans to administer the program in partnership with one or more regional green electricity suppliers.

News Release - NSTAR To Add Green Power Option to List of Customer Choices; NSTAR Green To Meet 25 Percent Of Electricity Needs From New Renewable Sources - No longer online at

NSTAR Media Contact: Mike Durand, (508) 441-5831

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