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Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania

January 2013 - The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) has announced that Just Energy's new renewable energy certificate (REC) product, JustGreen RECs, is now Green-e Energy certified. Just Energy now has $70 million invested in green energy projects and also released an interactive tool to help customers seeking LEED certification.

CRS has also announced that the Philadelphia-based The Energy Co-op's EcoChoice100 renewable energy product has also gained Green-e Energy certification. EcoChoice100 sources its power from 99 percent wind and 1 percent solar projects located in Pennsylvania as part of the ChoosePAWind initiative. The ChoosePAWind initiative was initiated in 2011 and is designed to encourage customers to purchase wind power sourced from local wind farms.

News Release - JustGreen Renewable Energy Credit Product Now Green-e Energy Certified

News Release - The Energy Co-op's EcoChoice100 Renewable Energy Option Now Green-e Energy Certified

Just Energy Contact: Al Shulman, 905-670-4440, x-74469
Energy Co-op Contact: Krystal Eason, 215-413-2122, x-10
CRS Contact: Jeff Swenerton, 415-561-2119

October 2004 - At a ceremony held during the Ninth National Green Power Marketing Conference in Albany, New York, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) issued Green Power Leadership Awards to 19 purchasers and six suppliers. The awards are designed to recognize the actions of individuals, companies, and organizations that are significantly advancing the development of renewable electricity sources through voluntary green power markets.

Among green power purchasers, Montgomery County (Maryland), Staples Inc., Silk, Clif Bar, and the U.S. General Services Administration received Green Power Partner of the Year Awards—the highest purchasing honor given. In addition, the following purchasers were recognized for their substantial green power purchase commitments: Salt Lake City, Johnson & Johnson, New York Municipal Wind Buyers Group, College of the Atlantic, Whole Foods, Interface, Inc., Alterra Coffee Roasters, Lundberg Family Farms, Edwards Air Force Base, Harbec Plastics, California State University at Hayward, Mauna Lani Resort, Rodney Strong Vineyards, and the City and County of San Francisco, Moscone Convention Center.

Among green power suppliers, Austin Energy received the Green Power Program of the Year award, the highest honor. Lenox Municipal Utilities, PaloAltoGreen, Calpine, The Energy Cooperative of Pennsylvania, and PPM Energy, Inc. were also recognized for their substantial achievements as green power suppliers.

The Center for Resource Solutions issued recognition awards for outstanding leadership in building and shaping the market for renewable energy. Green Power Market Development Awards were presented to the following individuals and organizations: Western Washington Green Power Campaign, World Resources Institute, and Rob Harmon of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Honorable Mention awards were presented to the Maine Green Power Connection, and Alan Apt and Jim Welch of Fort Collins, Colorado.

News Release - 2004 Green Power Leadership Award Winners EPA, DOE, CRS To Honor National Green Power Leaders

March 2003 - On February 10, the Board of Commissioners of Radnor Township, a suburb of Philadelphia with about 30,000 residents, unanimously approved a resolution to purchase wind energy to meet 62% of the township's electricity needs. Under a three-year contract with Community Energy, Inc. and the Energy Cooperative of Pennsylvania (ECAP), Radnor will purchase 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of wind energy annually to be supplied by the new 66-MW Mountaineer Wind Energy Center in West Virginia. The township is offsetting the added cost of the green power with energy savings from the installation of energy-efficient LED traffic lights and competitive market savings from switching its entire electric load to ECAP.

News Release - Radnor Township Becomes National Leader With Wind Energy Purchase

Community Energy Contact: John Halley (215) 778-1133
Radnor Township Contact: Alexis Andrianopoulos (610) 688-5600 x179

October 2002 - The Energy Cooperative of Pennsylvania, a non-profit cooperative with more than 6,500 members in the Philadelphia area, announced that is now offering a wind power option to all of its residential and commercial customers. In collaboration with Community Energy, the Energy Cooperative is offering New Wind Energy in 100-kWh blocks at an extra cost of $2.50 per block each month.

By switching to the Energy Cooperative for electricity service, customers can apply cost savings achieved in Pennsylvania's competitive retail electricity market to the purchase of New Wind Energy. For example, the Borough of Media, an historic suburb of Philadelphia with a population of 6,500, will buy 128,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of wind power annually, or enough to cover 44% of the electricity needs of its Borough Hall and highway garage, at no extra cost.

News Release - Green Power Marketer Offers Wind Energy Without Increasing Bill for Southeast PA Customers - No longer online at

Energy Cooperative Contact: Nadia Adawi (215) 413-2120

June 2002 - The Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania (ECAP), a non-profit, Philadelphia-based competitive energy supplier, announced a residential solar energy buy-back program through which it will pay 20¢/kWh for the output from member-owned photovoltaic (PV) systems. ECAP has established a goal of purchasing 100,000 kWh of solar power by the end of the year.

To qualify for the program, the PV system must meet specifications developed for The Sustainable Development Fund's (SDF) Solar PV Grant Program and include separate metering capability to measure the output of the PV system. The SDF program provides grants of up to $8,000 for PV systems

News Release - Sun Provides Electricity; Local Company Provides Financial Incentive

ECAP Contact: Nadia Adawi (215) 413-2120

March 2000 - The Liberty Bell and seven other federal government accounts in Pennsylvania will be powered with renewable energy under an agreement signed between the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania (ECAP). The agreement represents the first competitive purchase of renewable energy by federal agencies in the Eastern U.S.

GSA will purchase 2.7 million kilowatt-hours annually of ECAP's 100% renewable energy product, EcoChoice, to serve the accounts, which include the Liberty Bell Pavilion, operated by the National Park Service, and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency facility. The green product is comprised of power generated from landfill gas and small hydro resources. The green power purchase was negotiated as part of a larger GSA electricity procurement and represents less than 1% of the total contracted power.

News Release - Liberty Bell turns Green thanks to Philadelphia-based Energy Cooperative

News Release - GSA Cuts Energy Costs in Pennsylvania and Delaware

News Release - United States Liberty Bell Rings for Freedom from Pollution; Liberty Bell Pavilion Powered by Green-e Certified Renewable Electricity - Note: ECAP's EcoChoice 100 program is no longer Green-e certified (Jan. 2008)

GSA Contact: Don Stitler (215) 656-5980

February 2000 - According to the Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania (ECAP), about 800 of its customers, or 10% of its total membership, are now purchasing green power. The cooperative recently upgraded its green power offering by dropping its 50% renewable power option and lowering the price of its 100% renewable option to match the default power price of 5.65¢/kWh. The green power product is supplied by Mack Services Group and consists of electricity generated from landfill gas (80%) and small hydropower (20%) resources, with 10% of the power coming from newly developed facilities.

News Release - Green-e Certifies Pennsylvania Energy Cooperative's EcoChoice 100 - Note: ECAP's EcoChoice 100 program is no longer Green-e certified (Jan. 2008)

ECAP Contact: Nadia Adawi (215) 972-8070

November 1998 - The Energy Cooperative Association of Pennsylvania, a 20-year-old, Philadelphia-based fuel oil cooperative, is offering green power to its members, with the energy supplied by Connectiv. Christopher van de Velde, manager of ECAP, said that they had already received 2,000 contracts from residents in the Greater Philadelphia area, and still more were coming in.

News Release - Conectiv Energy, Pennsylvania Cooperative Work Together

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