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November 2005 - Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY) announced that it has teamed with the Pace Law School Energy Project to bring the Power Scorecard retail electricity product rating system to consumers in New York. The Power Scorecard rates electricity products in terms of two criteria: (1) pollution impacts and (2) commitment to new renewable energy supply sources. Six national environmental organizations developed the Power Scorecard as a tool to help consumers evaluate their electricity choices. The Power Scorecard also rates electricity products sold in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

News Release - Environmental Advocates of New York Launches POWER SCORECARD: Partnership with Pace Law School Energy Project to educate public about electricity choices and pollution impacts

EANY Contact: Anne Reynolds, (518) 462-5526 ext. 238
Pace Contact: Fred Zalcman, (914) 422-4082

April 2004 - A coalition of Texas environmental and consumer organizations announced that the Power Scorecard Web-based rating tool has been expanded to allow consumers in Texas to determine the environmental impacts of their electricity options. With the tool, customers can easily compare the environmental impacts (e.g., on climate change, acid rain, air toxics, water quality and land) as well as the prices of retail electricity products. The Power Scorecard also provides information on the resource mix used to supply each product.

The introduction of the Power Scorecard in Texas is sponsored by Environmental Defense, Texas Ratepayers Organization to Save Energy, Texas Campaign for the Environment, TexPIRG, the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition, and Public Citizen, with funding support from the Houston Endowment.

News Release - New Web Site Helps Consumers Plug Into Clean, Green Electric Power

Environmental Defense Contact: Jim Marston (512) 478-5161
Public Citizen Contact: Tom "Smitty" Smith (512) 477-1155

October 2000 - A coalition of environmental groups launched a web-based information tool that rates the environmental impacts of all sources of electricity generation. The tool, called the Power Scorecard, lets consumers compare the environmental impacts of green power and conventional power products offered in California and Pennsylvania. Rankings will be developed for electricity products in other states as those markets open to competition and as resources allow.

The Power Scorecard rates electricity products on a scale from "excellent" to "unacceptable" using two measures: 1) the environmental impact on air, land and water, and 2) the amount of energy generated from new renewable, low-impact sources.

The Power Scorecard was developed jointly by Environmental Defense, the Izaak Walton League of America, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Northwest Energy Coalition and the Union of Concerned Scientists with technical support from the Pace Law School Energy Project, which pioneered methods for identifying and quantifying the environmental costs of electricity production.

News Release - Power to the People: How "Green" Is Your Electricity?

NRDC Contacts: Craig Noble or Sheryl Carter, (415) 777-0220
Pace Law School Contact: Ed Smeloff, (914) 422-4221

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