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Ohio Consumers' Counsel

January 2002 - The Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC) released a "report card" on the first year of Ohio's competitive electricity market, finding that the market experience "has been generally positive for the state's residential customers but that there is substantial room for improvement."

Among the positive outcomes noted are that more than 600,000 residential customers (out of 4.1 million eligible) are saving money by switching to a new supplier, either through individual actions or as members of aggregation groups, and one new supplier is "bringing renewable energy sources to Ohio." (a reference to Green Mountain Energy Company's supply deal with the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council.)

However, noting that opportunities for customer switching and savings have not been uniform across the state, the OCC concludes that "certain state and federal actions are needed to promote meaningful competition and increase opportunities for savings in all areas of the state."

News Release - Ohio Consumers' Counsel Releases First-Year Report Card on Electric Choice

News Article - Few attracted to plug in to electric choice

Online Report - OCC Report: A Review of Ohio's Electric Market in 2001

OCC Contact: Rob Tongren (614) 466-9467

April 2001 - According to the Ohio Consumers' Counsel, retail electric competition in Ohio has been "slow to develop, choices have been slow to materialize, and savings have been slow to accumulate." Of the 40 electric suppliers certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), only two companies are actively marketing products to residential customers and neither is offering a green power product.

Most market activity has occurred in the service territories of FirstEnergy subsidiaries, where an estimated 152,000 residential customers have switched suppliers. Only a combined 500 residential customers have switched in the service territories of American Electric Power, Cinergy, and Dayton Power and Light. However, Ohio's customer aggregation policy, which allows customers to opt-out of municipal aggregation groups rather than requiring them to opt-in, may encourage more deals like the recent announcement from Green Mountain Energy Company and the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC).

News Release - Ohio Consumers' Counsel Issues Status Report on First Three Months of Retail Electric Competition in Ohio

Full Report - The View from 90 Days: Despite Few Choices for Electric Consumers, Education Efforts Must Proceed

OCC Contact: Ryan Lippe (614) 466-7269

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