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November 1998 - Observing that "every residential household that switches from generic utility power to 100% clean, renewable electricity is reducing by almost a ton the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year," the Renewable Energy Marketing Board (REMB) released a report that documents current green power successes in California's restructured electricity market. The REMB is a collaborative effort by renewable generators, renewable marketers, and non-profit environmental organizations that seeks to inform electricity consumers of the public and private benefits of renewable energy resources and products and promote renewable energy and products generically.

The report, entitled "How Emerging Green Markets Help Respond to Global Climate Change," notes that as a result of electric industry restructuring, "more new renewable energy sources are being planned and built today in California than in the past decade." The report also states that approximately 50% of all residential customer switches in California have been to green power providers and that a diverse group of commercial customers have signed up for clean power, "ranging from a major car company to local governments and churches."

News Release - Renewable Energy Key To Meeting Kyoto Global Warming Goals

March 1998 - A new group, the Renewable Energy Marketing Board (REMB), has been formed to promote renewable energy in California's competitive electricity marketplace. The nonprofit group will work to advance certified renewable energy products and services, and to educate electric customers on the advantages of customer choice to assure a sufficient consumer demand for renewables-based power sources. The REMB is open to renewable energy generators and marketers, nonprofit groups, regulatory agencies, and individuals.

REMB is collaborating with the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies to target market commercial customers in various California cities and hopes to form collaboratives with other groups, such as the newly formed Renewable Energy Alliance.

News Release - Renewable Energy Marketing Board Formed to Promote Renewable Energy

REMB Contact: Lori Jablonski (916) 442-7785 or Steven Kelly (916) 448-9499

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