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March 1999 - Stating that supportive market structures and basic consumer protection measures are fundamental to realizing the benefits of retail electricity choice, the Renewable Energy Alliance released a set of principles for electric industry restructuring, "which lists the policies necessary for a state, or the nation, to have a vibrant, competitive retail market for renewable power." The REA is a national trade association of companies directly engaged in the production or sale of renewable energy in competitive markets.

Based on the "real world experience of REA members in the deregulated markets of California, New England and Pennsylvania," the group calls for states to establish meaningful price competition, open competition to all customer classes simultaneously, avoid unnecessary regulatory barriers to customer choice, and make renewable energy policies friendly to the market.

Noting that "an informed consumer is the legitimate retailer's best friend," the REA also supports consumer education programs and disclosure of accurate fuel source information for individual products.

October 1998 - Noting that fuel use disclosure is "an important element of a competitive marketplace," the Renewable Energy Alliance released a paper for policymakers to use "as a guide to implement meaningful rules for disclosure in their respective states." Fuel source disclosure is important to green power marketers because electricity customers need to be able to compare the environmental characteristics of different power products. The REA policy paper includes an outline of a model disclosure rule as "a blueprint for a workable, efficient means of disclosing electricity characteristics."

March 1998 - Six renewable power marketers have formed a new trade association called the Renewable Energy Alliance (REA). The marketers, who are selling electricity in the newly competitive electricity markets, established the new non-profit organization to ensure that the restructuring of our nation's power markets ultimately leads to increased use of renewable power sources and a cleaner environment.

The founding members of the REA include: AllEnergy Marketing Company (Waltham, Mass.); Edison Source (City of Industry, Calif.); Enron Corp. (Houston, Texas); Foresight Energy Company (Larkspur, Calif.); Green Mountain Energy Resources (South Burlington, Vt.); and PacifiCorp (Portland, Ore.). These companies offer renewable power from naturally replenished sources such as the sun, wind, water, heat from the earth's core, and plant matter.

News Release - Green Power Marketers Form New Trade Association

REA Contact: Rick Counihan (510) 834-1999

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