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Green Power Marketing (formerly cleen 'n green)

January 2001 - reports that the California power crisis has caused several green power marketers to cease operations in the state. Specifically, the article notes that Go-Green and Tenderland Power Co. have returned customers to their default utility providers. While formal announcements have not been made by either company, Go-Green's website does say that the company "has suspended taking new customers until further notice."

The primary culprit in the business failures is said to be the state's soaring wholesale electricity prices, which make it difficult for the green power marketing companies to offer competitively priced power given the state's retail electricity rate caps.

News Article - Green Power in the Red

November 2000 - announced that it will offer a new 100% green power product in California that is generated from biomass and other renewable resources. A portion of the electricity for the product, called Tahoe Green Power, will be generated from downed wood waste collected in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Using the wood waste for electricity represents an environmental improvement over current practices in which the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) burns the collected waste wood in open fires. Through a partnership with the Nevada State Energy Office, USFS, and others, Go-green will have the wood transported to a local biomass generation facility.

The product should be available for retail purchase by the end of the year and purchasing customers will receive certain incentives, such as two-for-one ski lift tickets and a one-year membership to the National Arbor Day Foundation.

News Release - Go-Green to offer Tahoe Green Power - No longer online at

Additional Information - Nevada State Energy Office Tahoe Green Power Program Description

Go-Green Contact: Mara Privitt (408) 224-5717

April 2000 - The Santa Barbara City Council voted to authorize its staff to complete a contract with San Jose-based green power marketer (formerly cleen 'n green) to meet up to 90 percent of the city's total municipal electricity demand with renewable energy. The purchase, which is valued at $1.6 to $1.8 million, places Santa Barbara among the largest direct purchasers of green power.

According to the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT), two other large California cities recently announced plans to request bids for green power. The City of San Jose plans to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for green power to supply up to 100 percent of the city's electric load and the Santa Cruz City Council voted to issue a green power RFP this summer.

News Release - Santa Barbara Buys Green

News Release - City of Santa Barbara Joins Other Southern California Cities in Switching to Green Power

News Release - US Postal Service and Santa Barbara to Go Green - No longer online at

CEERT Contact: Kari Smith (415) 431-5182

April 2000 - The United States Postal Service (USPS) has entered into a contract with to purchase renewable power for more than 1,000 facilities in California. Under the agreement, the Postal Service will purchase about 30 million kilowatt-hours of renewable power for each of the next three years. The deal stems from a competitive solicitation issued by the agency last September. With 40,000 postal facilities nationwide, the Postal Service is the largest federal consumer of electricity other than the military.

News Release - Spring Cleaning at the U.S. Postal Service

News Release - US Postal Service and Santa Barbara to Go Green - No longer online at

USPS Contact: Ray Levinson (650) 635-3292
Go-Green Contact: Richard Kohl (408) 224-5717, ext. 47

March 1999 - cleen 'n green energy announced that, starting March 31, it will offer California customers only 100% green power and will sell its new green power product at a slight discount to the wholesale price in the California Power Exchange. cleen 'n green thus joins Commonwealth Energy in cutting the price of its green power service. The lower prices are made possible because of a state customer credit program, which provides a 1.5/kWh credit for qualifying green power purchases. The company's new green power product, Ecosave, will consist of 100% renewable energy sources, with 20% coming from "new" renewable sources. cleen 'n green purchases its green power from independent California generators through the APX Green Power Market.

News Release - Renewable Power Provider to offer Discount Pricing - No longer online at

July 1998 - cleen 'n green energy announced that it will supply the renewable power for its green 50 and green 100 products from the Automated Power Exchange Green Power Market.
In a press release, the company stated that "APX provides us with a very cost-effective tool to provide green power to our customers. APX allows us the flexibility we need in the marketplace as a California-based electric service provider not affiliated with any utility company."

News Release - cleen 'n green energy Announces Participation in the APX California Markets

April 1998 - cleen 'n green, a new Energy Service Provider (ESP), recently introduced three products to compete in California's green power market. "green 100" offers 100% in-state renewable power, while "green 50" offers 50% in-state renewable power and 50% in-state non- renewable power. The third product, "cleen 100," offers 100% in-state non-renewable power. Initially, the renewable power will be supplied by geothermal and landfill gas projects, but cleen 'n green hopes to diversify this mix in the future. The non-renewable power will come from large hydro and natural gas resources. The premiums for these products range from 5% for "cleen 100" to 20% for "green 100." The company has committed to donate a percentage of its profits to develop new renewable energy resources in California.

News Release - cleen 'n green Enters California Market

cleen 'n green Contact: Dennis Dyc (408) 224-5717

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