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March 2001 - Enron Wind announced plans to build a 135-megawatt (MW) merchant wind power facility in Pecos County, Texas by the end of the year. Another Enron affiliate, Enron Power Marketing, Inc. (EPMI), will purchase the project's output under a long-term agreement and resell the "green power" into the Texas wholesale electricity market. According to the companies, the project will be the first major wind facility from which wholesale customers can purchase a portion of the power output rather than having to contract for the entire project output.

News Release - Enron Wind, Enron Power Marketing Announce First Significant Facility to Allow Green Power Customers to Purchase Short-Term Wind Power - No longer online at

EPMI Contact: Mike Curry (713) 853-4258

May 2000 - A group of companies led by Enron, IBM, and America Online (AOL) have formed The New Power Company, which is being billed as "the first national supplier of energy and related services to residences and small businesses in deregulated markets." The company will make extensive use of IBM's e-business and information technology capabilities and AOL's customer base, as well as Enron's established position in energy commodity pricing and risk management, to offer customers "value and choice" in competitive markets.

The New Power Company plans to begin retail marketing in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the latter half of this year and eventually expand to all 24 states that have opened their electric markets to competition. A company spokesperson told the Green Power Network that it is likely the company will include green power in its portfolio of product offerings.

News Release - Introducing The New Power Company, the First National Residential and Small Business Energy Service Provider - No longer online at

News Article - Partners to compete on Peco turf - No longer online at

News Article - AOL, IBM plug into power industry - No longer online at

NPC Contact: Kathy Johnson (203) 531-0400

May 1999 - In March, Enron Wind Corp. broke ground on a new 22-turbine, 16.5-MW wind power project, which the company bills as "the first major new renewable power plant since California opened its markets to competition." The wind facility will generate enough power to serve 5,000 typical California households. The power will be sold through retail marketers to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, including Patagonia, which last summer became the first California business to announce that it would purchase 100% of its power from new wind energy.

News Release - First Large-Scale Merchant Wind Power Project Commences Construction in California - No longer online at

News Release - Enron Wind Dedicates New California Wind Power Project; First Major Green Merchant Plant In The State - No longer online at

May 1998 - In what could be viewed as a setback to the promise of competitive markets and customer choice, Enron Corp. has suspended its efforts to market alternative electricity services to the residential sector in California and other states. An Enron spokesperson cited the inability to provide significant discounts to the 10% legislatively mandated rate reduction as the primary reason for the withdrawal from the California market. The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports that Enron has postponed groundbreaking for a planned 39-MW wind project that was to provide power for its California green power service.

News Release - Enron dumps plan to woo California residents - April 23, 1998 - The Press-Enterprise

February 1998 - In January, the City of Palm Springs announced the formation of Palm Springs Energy Services (PSES), an alliance between the City and FirstPoint California, a subsidiary of Enron. PSES will offer customers electricity service choices, including Enron's EarthSmart green power option. The green power rate will be 12.5¢/kWh (plus a $1 monthly fee) for residential customers, compared to the base residential rate of 10.6¢/kWh, which includes the California mandated 10% rate reduction. For commercial customers, the rate is 11.75¢/kWh plus a $14.60 monthly fee, compared to the regular small commercial rate of 10.0¢/kWh.

December 1997 - On November 18, Enron Energy Services announced that it will offer an EarthSmart Power product to California customers, which will provide electricity containing 50% renewables, with the balance guaranteed not to come from coal, nuclear, or petroleum sources. EarthSmart Power will be available for a premium of 1¢/kWh, although other pricing options may be offered to some customers for market testing purposes. The EarthSmart Power product has been certified by the Green-e branding program.

Enron also announced plans to construct a total of 39 MW of wind capacity at two sites in Southern California to provide electricity for its EarthSmart Power product. The first 16 MW are scheduled for construction in the third quarter of 1998 and the second 23 MW are scheduled for construction in 1999.

Kenneth Lay, chairman and CEO of Enron Corp., stated that "The cost of entry for companies to make the claim to be environmentally friendly is their commitment to add incremental generation of renewable energy. Unlike others who say they will build new sources of renewable power IF customers come, Enron is making the investment today."

News Release - "Enron Announces the Construction of New Wind Farm in Riverside County to Generate Power for California Consumers" - No longer online at

November 1997 - Enron Energy Services (EES) intends to provide its—end users with a broad range of energy choices at competitive prices. EES has successfully competed in selected retail natural gas and electricity marketing pilots, including the New Hampshire pilot. Although not yet selling green power, Enron intends to develop green power products for retail markets, building on its equity investments in Solarex and Zond.

Enron Contact: Li Doyle (713) 853-1425 or Karen Denne (713) 853-9757

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