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April 2008 - Leading U.S. renewable energy marketers have joined together to create a trade association for organizations that market renewable energy. The Renewable Energy Marketers Association (REMA) has formed to "promote the economic and national security benefits of domestic renewable energy." REMA is comprised of organizations involved in the creation, supply, purchase, sale, advocacy of, and education about renewable energy and renewable energy certificates (RECs). Its stated purposes include providing a more favorable operating environment for the industry by providing a forum for discussion of non-competitive issues, and by providing information to assist those companies in their business.

REMA is currently comprised of 11 organizations: 3Degrees, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Community Energy, Conservation Services Group, Constellation NewEnergy, FPL Energy, Renewable Choice Energy, SmartPower, Sterling Planet, SunEdison and SunPower. SmartPower, the national, non-profit marketing organization that promotes clean energy and energy efficiency will provide strategy and manage the day-to-day operations of REMA.

News Release - Renewable Energy Marketers Form Trade Association

April 2005 - Four non-profit suppliers of renewable energy in New England announced that they are combining forces to market a single green power product to residential and small commercial customers in the region. Under the agreement, Mass Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy), People's Power & Light, Conservation Services Group (CSG) and the Center for Ecological Technology (CET) will offer New England GreenStart, a 100% renewable energy product sourced from New England-based resources and currently consisting of small hydro (75%), biomass (19%), wind (5%), and solar (1%). CSG and CET customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island now purchasing the GreenerWatts New England product will be switched to the new offering.

Going forward, CET will focus on marketing New England GreenStart in western Massachusetts and helping to secure new renewable energy sources from that area. Mass Energy and People's Power & Light will continue to provide overall administration and management of New England GreenStart as well as oversee the development of a marketing and outreach campaign to support the retail green power market. CSG will concentrate on its wholesale market activities, including building new PV plants throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, many of which will be supported by New England GreenStart customers.

News Article - 'Green' option offered to electricity consumers - No longer online at

Mass Energy Contact: Larry Chretien (617) 524-3950
CSG Contact: Steve Cowell (508) 836-9500
CET Contact: Laura Dubester (413) 445-4556
People's Power & Light Contact: Erich Stephens (401) 861-6111

September 2004 - SmartPower, a Hartford, Connecticut-based non-profit organization, announced that more than 1,250 electricity customers have enrolled in Narragansett Electric's GreenUp program just five months after its launch. Under the program, Narragansett customers can purchase renewable energy from one of four participating green energy marketers—Community Energy, Inc., Conservation Services Group, People's Power and Light, and Sterling Planet—without switching their electricity service.

With support from the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund, SmartPower conducted an integrated marketing campaign in cooperation with Narragansett Electric to raise awareness of the renewable energy program.

Newsletter Article - Power Switch is on as Rhode Island Reaches 1250 Clean Energy Customers (September 2004)

SmartPower Contact: Michael Trahan (860) 214-6868

March 2004 - Narragansett Electric, a National Grid subsidiary, now offers a green power option to its 465,000 electricity customers in Rhode Island. Under the utility's GreenUp program, customers can purchase green power from one of four participating green power marketers: Community Energy, Conservation Services Group, People's Power & Light, and Sterling Planet. The product options range in price from 0.75¢/kWh to 2.0¢/kWh and consist of renewable energy supplied from a variety of sources, such as wind, small hydro, biomass, and solar. Participating customers do not switch from their existing utility service but will see a green power surcharge on their regular utility bills. National Grid also offers the GreenUp program through distribution subsidiaries in Massachusetts and New York.

News Release - Community Energy Makes NewWind Energy Available to Rhode Island Residential and Small-Commercial Customers through New Narragansett Electric Program

News Release - Sterling Planet Offers Narragansett Electric Customers a Robust Renewable Energy Blend With Unprecedented 25% New Solar

News Release - Narragansett Electric Offers Customers New Green Energy Program

March 2004 - SmartPower, a Connecticut-based, non-profit organization that promotes the use of renewable energy, has formed a new partnership with the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund (RIREF) to publicize the availability of green power in the Ocean State. Beginning in April, Rhode Island residents will have the opportunity to purchase green power from four providers: Conservation Services Group, Community Energy, People's Power & Light and Sterling Planet. Each provider will market its products individually while SmartPower will conduct a direct marketing campaign to educate state consumers.

The RIREF is administered by the Rhode Island State Energy Office and is financed with funds collected from Rhode Island electric ratepayers. The Fund works to bring more affordable renewable electricity to the state and supports consumer education efforts.

Monthly Charge Newsletter (March 2004) - SmartPower Launches Rhode Island Effort

Smartpower Contact: Brian Keane (860) 249-7040

January 2004 - The Berkshire Eagle reported that three New England-based green power marketers — the Center for Ecological Technology (CET), CSGServices, and Constellation NewEnergy — have agreed to market electricity from a new, 30-MW wind project planned for the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. The Hoosac Wind Power Project, which is being developed by EnXco, is expected to be operational by the end of 2004.

News Article - CET helping to market energy from wind farm - No longer at

CET Contact: Laura Dubester (413) 445-4556

September 2003 - Massachusetts Electric Company and Nantucket Electric Company, both electricity distribution subsidiaries of National Grid, announced the availability of new retail green power products for their Massachusetts customers. The GreenUp program offers products from four different green power suppliers, ranging in price from 1.2¢/kWh to 2.5¢/kWh above a customer's standard electricity rate. The products are blends of power from new and existing renewable energy resources.

News Release - Massachusetts Electric Offers Customers New Green Energy Program

News Release - Nantucket Electric Offers Customers New Green Energy Program

May 2002 - Green Mountain Energy Company, Sun Power Electric, and BJ's Wholesale Club have teamed with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to install a 52-kW solar photovoltaics (PV) system on the roof of a BJ's club store in Deptford, New Jersey. The system is owned and operated by Sun Power Electric and will serve Green Mountain Energy's customers in New Jersey's competitive retail electricity market. Financial support for the facility also came from the New Jersey Clean Energy Fund, which was established under the state's electricity restructuring law.

News Release - South Jersey's Largest Operating Solar Facility Unveiled

Green Mountain Contact: Eleanor Scott (512) 691-6316

April 2002 - The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced that Sun Power Electric Corporation has become the first tradable renewable energy certificate (TRC) supplier to receive Green-e certification. Sun Power Electric's Regen product is supplied from a mix of 1% solar and 99% biomass and is sold in annual blocks of 2,000 kilowatt-hours, which are roughly equivalent to 20% of the annual energy use of the average New England home.

News Release - Green-e Certifies First "Green Tag" Product and Plans National Press Conference

CRS Contact: Këri Bolding (415) 561-2100

February 2002 - The Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy), a heating oil cooperative serving Eastern and Central Massachusetts, is exploring opportunities for pooling consumer demand for green power. Partners in the effort include more than a dozen local cities and community organizations, such as the Boston Public Health Commission, Town of Brookline, City of Cambridge, City of Newton, Clean Water Action, Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM), Massachusetts Climate Action Network, Massachusetts Audubon Society, Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, Sierra Club of Massachusetts, and Tufts Climate Initiative.

Mass Energy (formerly the Boston Oil Consumer's Alliance) has offered a green energy option to its members since December 1998. Co-op members can purchase 2,000-kWh annual blocks of Sun Power Electric's ReGen product at a cost of $6 per month. The green power is supplied from solar and landfill gas facilities in New England.

Mass Energy Contact: Nicole R. Wobus

September 1999 - Sun Power Electric, a Boston-based non-profit organization, has completed construction of its third solar facility to serve competitive green power markets in the Northeast. The newest facility, installed on the roof of a BJ's Wholesale Club in Middletown, Rhode Island, is a 43-kW system that will produce about 56,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to power 10 average-sized homes. Sun Power has an agreement to sell a portion of the system output to AllEnergy for its "ReGen" renewable power upgrade service. Sun Power has also installed PV systems at BJ's stores in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

News Release - Power Starts To Flow At RI's First Solar Electric Plant

April 1999 - The first source of new renewable energy built for Pennsylvania's competitive electricity market began operating on Earth Day. The 43-kW solar facility was installed by Green Mountain Energy, a competitive green power marketer, and Sun Power Electric, a non-profit developer of solar systems. The solar plant, which will generate 50,000 kWh of electricity annually for Green Mountain's Pennsylvania-based customers, is located on the roof of BJ's Wholesale Club in Conshohocken, PA.

The system represents the second solar partnership between Sun Power Electric and B.J.'s Wholesale Club. A similar system has been operating in N. Dartmouth, MA since December 1998.

News Release - Largest Solar Generation Facility in Pennsylvania Dedicated On Earth Day

Green Mountain Contact: Joseph D'Eramo (617) 520-7018

December 1998 - The first solar-electric system built for the green power market began operating this week in N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The system is owned by Sun Power Electric of Boston, which bills itself as the first U.S. utility producing all of its power from solar energy and selling it in a competitive market. Sun Power is selling the power produced from Sun Power Station #1, which will have a total capacity of 50 kW, to AllEnergy for its green energy product, "Re-Gen." About one-third of the system, or 60 of the 156 photovoltaic (PV) panels, is currently in place. The system is being partially funded by the Utility PhotoVoltaic Group.

News Release - Power Starts to Flow At First Solar Electric Plant Built for Deregulated Market Announces Sun Power Electric

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