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June 2004 - The Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) announced that it has agreed to purchase a renewable energy product from Vision Quest, a division of TransAlta Energy Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Under the two-year agreement, BEF will purchase "Green Tags" created from wind projects owned and operated by Vision Quest at various locations throughout Canada. Vision Quest facilities and products are certified in both Canada and the United States. BEF plans to offer the "Green Tags" to businesses and utilities in both countries, opening up the market for cross-border sales of renewable energy.

News Release - Canadian "Green Tags" Flow To U.S. Distributor

BEF Media Contact: Bill Jeppesen (916) 941-7553
Vision Quest Media Contact: Jason Edworthy (403) 532-4265

January 2004 - The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) announced that the Green-e program has certified a Canadian green power product for sale in the United States. The product is offered by Vision Quest as tradable renewable energy certificates (TRCs) that represent the environmental attributes of wind power generated from several wind projects located in Alberta, Canada. In all, the company currently operates about 120 MW of wind facilities.

News Release - Green-e Certifies First Canadian "Green Tag" Product for Sale in the U.S. (PDF 46 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

CRS Contact: Këri Bolding (415) 561-2100

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