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November 2012 - Northwestern School Corporation, NativeEnergy, and Performance Services (PSI) have announced the successful installation of a 900-kilowatt (kW) windmill at Northwestern High School in Kokomo, Indiana. The turbine is one of three turbines currently in the process of installation on Indiana school campuses by NativeEnergy and PSI. The other two turbines are located in Francesville and Morocco, Indiana. In each instance, the school district owns the wind turbine and takes advantage of the net metering incentive offered by the local electric utility to realize cost savings on the district's energy bill.

NativeEnergy's Help Build program allows outside purchasers of carbon credits to direct their purchase revenues to the support of future carbon saving projects. Purchasers of NativeEnergy's Help Build Carbon Offsets include CLIF Bar, Ben & Jerry's, AVEDA, and REVERB.

Additional Information - October 19 Event Celebrates School Wind Energy Projects, Built With Carbon Funding From CLIF Bar, AVEDA, Ben & Jerry's, And REVERB

March 2012 - NativeEnergy and twenty-five organizations are collaborating to help build the 3.2 megawatt (MW) Iowa Farms Wind Project. Through the purchase of NativeEnergy's Help Build carbon offsets, the companies provide upfront funding for construction and development of projects. Organizations purchase the carbon credits that a project is estimated to generate over a fixed period, typically 10 years, and receive a share of the project's long-term verified carbon reductions after they are generated. The organizations are also sponsoring the Wewoka Biogas Project, located in Oklahoma, and the Northeast Farm Separation Project, located in Pennsylvania.

The participating organizations include: eBay, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Esurance, Eileen Fisher, Clif Bar, Comedy Central, ABR, Inc., AllPack, Aveda, Ben & Jerry's, National Geographic, The Brick Companies, Brighter Planet, Carlisle & Company, College of the Atlantic, Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run, Designtex, Eco Products, Pax World, Presidio, Reverb, RLP Capital, Touring Green, and Vital Choice.

News Release - 25 brands join forces to build carbon offset projects with NativeEnergy

Contact: Tom Rawls, 802-861-7707, ext. 215

May 2010 - Motorola, Inc. increased it annual green power purchase to 119 million kilowatt-hours (kWh). The company is purchasing Green-e certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from NativeEnergy. The RECs support a wind facility in North Dakota.

The purchase represents 32 percent of Motorola's purchased electricity used in the United States. Motorola previously purchased green power equivalent to 20 percent of its use. Motorola is now ranked 26th on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Top 50 green power purchasers.

News Release - U.S. EPA Recognizes Motorola for Leading Green Power Purchases

Contact: Tama McWhinney, 847-538-1865

August 2008 - The Philadelphia Eagles football team was recognized with a Stevie award for Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program, for its Go Green environmental program. As part of the program, the Eagles are purchasing about 14 million kWh of wind energy RECs per year from NativeEnergy, or the equivalent of 100% of the team's electricity use for its operations, including those of its football stadium, training facility, and office complex. The Eagles also reimburse employees who purchase wind energy for their home use through the PECO Wind and New Jersey Clean Power programs, also giving them each two compact-fluorescent light bulbs for Earth Day to help offset the extra cost.

Initiated in 2003, the Go Green program also features a 9.9 kilowatt solar array generating about 16,000 kWh per year, at the team's NovaCare Complex training facility in Philadelphia. The Complex features a Web site displaying real-time generation data for the array.

News Release - 'Go Green' Effort Earns Prestigious Award

More Information - Go Green! 2007 Data Sheet

More Information - NativeEnergy July 2008 Monthly Newsletter

April 2007 - Green Mountain Power, an electric utility company serving one-quarter of the State of Vermont's population, announced a new program that provides its customers with a way to neutralize their carbon footprints through renewable power and home heating and driving offsets. Simultaneously, the company announced that it is now carbon neutral in its operations, which includes its offices, facilities, trucks and all business travel.

Through the Choose2BGreen program, customers can choose to sign up for Greener GMP, CoolHome, or CoolDriver, or all three. Greener GMP offers residential and small commercial customers the choice to have 25%, 50%, or 100% of their monthly electricity use sourced from New England-based renewable energy projects at a premium of about 3¢/kWh. CoolHome and CoolDriver are carbon offset products supplied by NativeEnergy, which uses the revenues to finance the development of renewable energy resources in Vermont and the Midwest.

News Release - Green Mountain Power "Choose2bgreen" Program Allows Customers to Go Carbon Neutral

News Article - Green Mountain Power announces eco-friendly program - No longer online at Burlington Freepress

January 2006 - NativeEnergy announced that Syriana, a political thriller about the global oil industry, is the first major motion picture to be made "climate neutral" by offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions generated during film production with renewable energy purchases. Warner Brothers Pictures and Participant Productions are purchasing approximately 2.7 million kWh of renewable energy certificates (RECs) through NativeEnergy to offset the estimated 2,040 tons of carbon dioxide emitted from the energy used in filming, air travel, rental car and truck use, hotels, on-location diesel generators, offices and warehouses, and shipping. The RECs are derived from a Pennsylvania farm methane generator and a Midwest wind project.

NativeEnergy also partnered with non-profit, and the St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles football teams to offset the carbon emissions from energy used during a recent football game at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

News Release - SYRIANA Fights Pollution with Renewable Energy: Warner Bros. Pictures, Participant Productions and NativeEnergy challenge Hollywood to follow their lead

News Release - Rams-Eagles in NFL's First Climate Neutral Regular Season Game

NativeEnergy Contact: Billy Connelly, (617) 877-6745

August 2005 - NativeEnergy, a marketer of renewable energy credits (RECs) and greenhouse gas offsets, and the nonprofit Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP), announced that COUP has acquired a majority interest in NativeEnergy on behalf of its member tribes. The equity investment will give the COUP tribes direct access to the retail market to sell the renewable power and RECs generated from tribe-owned wind farms. One of the initial strategic goals of the acquisition is to facilitate the development of an 80-MW distributed wind project, to be built in 10-MW "clusters" at eight different COUP reservations. The new effort follows on the success of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe wind project, the first 100% Native American-owned and operated commercial-scale wind facility, which was built with significant support from NativeEnergy customers.

News Release - NativeEnergy is now Native-Owned (PDF 189 KB)

NativeEnergy Contact: Tom Stoddard (802) 425-3419
Intertribal COUP Contact: Patrick Spears (605) 945-1908

July 2004 - The College of the Atlantic (COA), based in Bar Harbor, Maine, has made a 20-year commitment to purchase wind energy for 100% of its electricity needs. The college signed an agreement with Endless Energy Corporation (EEC) to buy wind energy from the Redington Mountain Windfarm, which will be completed in 2005. Pending completion of the wind project, COA will purchase renewable energy credits, or "green tags," from NativeEnergy supplied from the Rosebud Sioux wind project in South Dakota.

News Release - College of the Atlantic Celebrates Earth Day with Three Major Environmental Sustainability Advances: COA is Committing to Purchase 100% of its Electricity from Wind Power - No longer online at

April 2004 - NativeEnergy, a national marketer of renewable energy certificate (REC) products, has introduced a new product based on electricity generated from small biomass digester systems located on Pennsylvania dairy farms. Installation of the farm systems is being encouraged with grant awards from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. NativeEnergy commits to an advance purchase of the renewable energy attributes to improve the project economics. The company's products are positioned to enable consumers to match all or a portion of their electricity use and/or to offset the carbon impacts of other energy-using activities with REC purchases.

News Release - "Remooable Energy" Campaign Launched

NativeEnergy Contact: George Hoguet (215) 569-9694

February 2004 - Expressing concern that global warming threatens the livelihood of the ski industry, its employees, and quality of life more generally, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) is teaming with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to reduce global warming emissions using a variety of measures including green power purchases and on-site renewable energy use. The NSAA reports that member ski resorts are employing renewable energy in a number of different ways, including using wind energy to power chair lifts, purchasing renewable energy credits to offset a portion of their electricity use, and using solar energy for heating or to generate electricity on-site.

Among the green power marketers supplying ski resorts around the country are Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Community Energy, Inc., Green Mountain Energy Company, and NativeEnergy.

News Release - Keep Winter Cool: Ski Areas Team With Conservation Group to Fight Global Warming

News Release - Renewable Energy Becomes Key Component of National Ski Areas' Sustaianbility Program

News Release - Wind Power Helps Ski Resorts "Keep Winter Cool"

News Release - Green Mountain Energy Company Gives a "Lift" To Ski Industry's Global Warming Campaign

News Release - Smugglers' Notch and NativeEnergy announce SkiCool(sm) program to help fight Global Warming (PDF 120 KB) Download Acrobat Reader

NSAA Contact: Geraldine Link, (720) 963-4205

April 2003 - The Intertribal Council on Utility Policy (COUP) and the Rosebud Tribal Utility Commission announced the completion of a 750-kW wind turbine on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, making it the first utility-scale wind energy project to be wholly owned and operated by a tribe. The tribe is selling the green energy certificates generated from the project to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota and NativeEnergy, a Vermont-based company that markets renewable energy certificates to residential and business customers nationwide. The formal project dedication is scheduled for May 1.

News Article - Rosebud wind turbine, a showcase project for the Northern Plains

Additional Information - Photos of the Construction of the Rosebud Wind Project

Project Description - Rosebud Sioux Tribe Project Summary

Intertribal COUP Contact: Pat Spears, (605) 945-1908
Rosebud Tribal Utility Commission Contact: Tony Rogers, (605) 747-4097

March 2003 - Clif Bar, a Berkeley, California-based maker of nutrition bars and foods for endurance activities, announced that it will offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the energy used to power its offices, manufacturing operations, and business travel during 2002 by purchasing renewable energy credits generated from a new Native American-owned wind turbine. Through its participation in NativeEnergy's WindBuilders program, Clif Bar will purchase renewable energy credits equivalent to 2.2 million kWh of wind energy generated over the life of the 750-kW Rosebud Sioux Tribe wind turbine in South Dakota. The purchase will offset approximately 2,000 tons of CO2.

News Release - Clif Bar Inc. Offsets its Impact on Global Warming through Wind Farm Partnership

August 2002 - Ben & Jerry's announced that it will offset a year's worth of carbon dioxide emissions from its Vermont ice cream production facilities by supporting the construction of a new 750-kW wind turbine on Native American lands in South Dakota. Through its participation in NativeEnergy's WindBuilders Business Partner program, Ben & Jerry's will purchase renewable energy credits equivalent to 4.5 million kWh of wind energy generated over the life of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe wind turbine currently under development. The purchase will offset approximately 5,000 tons of CO2.

The WindBuilders program enables individuals and businesses to support new wind farm construction through the advance purchase of long-term streams of renewable energy credits, including the associated CO2 offsets.

News Release - Ben & Jerry's and NativeEnergy Partner to Fight Global Warming - No longer online at

News Article (Audio) - Vermont Public Radio: Wind Energy Project Gets Boost from Ben & Jerry's

News Article - Rosebud, Arabia of wind - Its fable comes to life

NativeEnergy Contact: Tom Boucher (802) 877-6826

May 2002 - NativeEnergy announced that it will supply "green tags" to be used for a new program that will allow customers of Green Mountain Power Corporation to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Through donations to Clean Air-Cool Planet, the utility's residential and business customers can help support the development of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind Turbine Project in South Dakota and a Vermont-based farm methane project.

News Release - Green Mountain Power and Clean Air-Cool Planet Team Up to Help Customers Fight Global Warming

News Release - Construction to Proceed on First Native American Owned and Operated Large-Scale Wind Turbine

NativeEnergy Contact: Tom Stoddard (802) 453-7821

February 2002 - The Timberland Company, a footwear and outdoor clothing manufacturer, will donate funds to the non-profit Clean Air-Cool Planet for the purchase of "green tags" from a family-owned wind farm in South Dakota. The green tags, which will be purchased from NativeEnergy, will offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with electricity use at Timberland retail stores.

News Release - Timberland And Clean Air-Cool Planet Partner To Fight Global Warming With Winds Of Change

News Article - Timberland Buys Into Wind Power

Clean Air-Cool Planet Contact: Adam Markham (603) 422-6464 ext. 101

November 2001 - NativeEnergy, a newly formed company based in North Ferrisburgh, VT, has launched a program through which participants can make contributions to support the development of new wind farms and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Under the company's WindBuilders program, participants can contribute $120 annually, or $11 per month, in the form of a membership fee to purchase green certificates from new wind farms that will then be donated to Clean Air-Cool Planet, a non-profit environmental organization.

Initially, the membership fees will be used to support the development of the Graber Family Wind Farm in South Dakota, a three-turbine, 2.7-MW project that the company expects to be operational by late 2002. In recognition of their participation in the WindBuilders program, members will receive quarterly e-mail newsletters, an invitation to the opening ceremony for the wind facility, and a WindBuilders certificate. Membership fees may be tax deductible.

The company's five-year mission is to fight climate change by triggering construction of 150 MW of new wind farms and helping to avoid five million tons of CO2 emissions.

News Article - Firm sells 'green energy' - No longer online at

News Release - NativeEnergy and Stonyfield Farm Team Up to Offer Eco-Conscious Stocking Stuffers

NativeEnergy Contact: Tom Stoddard (800) 924-6826

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