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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offsets

A greenhouse gas (GHG) offset, sometimes referred to as a carbon offset, is a tradable commodity representing a unit of GHG emissions reduction or avoidance. Typically, a GHG offset represents a reduction or avoidance of one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). GHG offsets may be purchased by consumers and businesses to "offset" their own emissions, such as those associated with electricity consumption, product manufacturing processes, automobile use, and air travel. GHG offsets can be derived from a variety of project types that reduce or avoid GHG emissions, with diverse methods for measuring these reductions. Examples of GHG reduction projects include renewable electricity generation, energy efficiency measures, methane capture at landfill sites, soil carbon sequestration, and reforestation projects. Developers of these project types can sell GHG offsets to consumers or businesses to help finance their projects.

All of the GHG offset providers and products presented on the Green Power Network are available nationally and derived at least in part from U.S.-based renewable energy generation projects.

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