Eighth National Green Power Marketing Conference Agenda
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Opening Session
John Stephens (PDF File Size: 6.1 MB), Manager, Global Development & Strategic Initiatives, GE Power Systems
Roger Duncan (PDF File Size: 652 KB), Vice President, Austin Energy
Phyllis Reha, Commissioner, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Special Welcome
Pat Quinn, Lt. Governor, State of Illinois

Green Power and the Future of Renewable Energy

Status of U.S. Green Power Markets: Ten Years After (PDF File Size: 304 KB)
Blair Swezey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Brandon Owens, Platts Research and Consulting (PDF File Size: 5.3 MB)
Steve Taub, CERA (PDF File Size: 304K)
Tom Petersik, U.S. Energy Information Administration (PDF File Size: 440 KB)
Skip Laitner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (PDF File Size: 408 KB)

Luncheon Speaker
Mark Ginsberg, U.S. Department of Energy (PDF File Size: 124 KB)

Green Pricing in the Midwest

Introduction - Terry Peterson, Electric Power Research Institute
Chip Bircher, Wisconsin Public Services (PDF File Size: 3.3 MB)
Gary Evans, WE Energies (PowerPoint File Size: 844 KB)
Dan Hayes, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (PDF File Size: 2.2 MB)
Jeff Peters, Missouri River Energy Services (PDF File Size: 4.3 MB)
Mark Rathburn, Great River Energy (PDF File Size: 848 KB)

Renewable Energy Certificates: Market Trends and New Initiatives

Introduction - Meredith Wingate, Center for Resource Solutions
An Overview of the U.S. Renewable Energy Certificate Markets (PDF File Size: 452 KB)
Anna Giovinetto, Evolution Markets LLC
Regulatory Issues for Renewable Energy Certificates (PDF File Size: 300 KB)
Ed Holt, Ed Holt and Associates
Successful Solar Tags Aggregation (PDF File Size: 1.2 MB)
Kevin Hagen, Shuksan Energy Consulting
Toward a National TRC Standard for Consumer-Owned Utilities (PDF File Size: 176 KB)
Joe Bourg, Millennium Energy, LLC
Developing a North American Network for Tracking Renewable Certificates (PDF File Size: 400 KB)
Meredith Wingate, Center for Resource Solutions

Strategies for Improving Appeal

Introduction - Lori Bird, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Fuel Price Stability Benefits of Renewables: Adding Value for Green Power Customers (PDF File Size: 328 KB)
Lori Bird, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Using Wind Power to Hedge Large End-User's Electric Bills (PDF File Size: 692 KB)
Mark Bolinger, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Renewable Energy Optons: Strategies for Improving Appeal (PDF File Size: 192 KB)
Rhonda Rasmussen, PacifiCorp
Strategies for Leveraging Solar in Green Power Products (PDF File Size: 1.6 MB)
Greg Rosen, PowerLight Corp.

Green Power Partnership Providers Breakfast
Collaborating with Green Power Providers (PDF File Size: 169 KB)
Matt Clouse, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

Green Power Leadership Forum

Green Power Partnership Update (PDF File Size: 280 KB)
Kurt Johnson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Todd Beckman, White Wave (PDF File Size: 3.3 MB)
David McAndrew, Federal Energy Management Program, U.S. DOE (PDF File Size: 304K)
Chris Patterson, Austin Grill
Mike Santoro, U.S. Air Force (PDF File Size: 180 KB)
Charles Segerman, Tower Companies (PDF File Size: 2.3 MB)

Marketing Green Power to Business Customers

Introduction - Matt Clouse, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Making the C&I Sale (PDF File Size: 280 KB)
Barry Friedman, Platt's Research and Consulting
Commercial Marketing: Gaining Acceptance for Green Power (PDF File Size: 3.5 MB)
Theresa Howland, Vision Quest
Marketing Your Green Power Purchase (PDF File Size: 264 KB)
Molly Tirpak Sterkel, ICF Consulting
Renewable Energy Certificates: An Attractive Means for Corporate Customers to Purchase Renewable Energy (PDF File Size: 1.4 MB)
Craig Hanson, World Resources Institute

Environmental Drivers for Green Power

Introduction - Tom Kerr, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Clean Air Act Policies and Green Power Markets (PDF File Size: 152 KB)
Debra Jacobson, DJ Consulting LLC
SIPs & SEPs and the Opportunities for Green Power (PDF File Size: 408 KB)
Art Diem and Edgar Mercado, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Quantifying the Environmental Benefits of Green Power (PDF File Size: 560 KB)
Alden Hathaway, Environmental Resources Trust
Colin High, Resource Systems Group
Can Utilities Use Renewable Energy to Participate in Carbon Markets? (PDF File Size: 1.7 MB)
Adam Serchuk, Primen

Strategies for Increasing Awareness

Introduction - Larry Alexander, XENERGY
Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition: Building Consumer Demand for Clean Renewable Energy (PDF File Size: 620 KB)
Peter Adels, PennFuture and Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition
Regional Public Education Campaigns for Green Power (PDF File Size: 4.1 MB)
Këri Bolding, Center for Resource Solutions
Tailoring PR Strategies to Different Green Markets (PDF File Size: 3.1 MB)
Marci Grossman, Green Mountain Energy Company
The Moab Model: Community Clean Energy Challenges (PDF File Size: 868 KB)
Sarah Wright, Utah Clean Energy Alliance

Policies and Standards to Support Green Power Markets

Introduction - Ed Holt, Ed Holt and Associates
Results of Washington and Oregon Green Power Legislation (PDF File Size: 432 KB)
Diane Zipper, Renewable Northwest Project
Using State Clean Energy Funds to Promote Green Power Markets
Ed Miller, Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation
Developing Minimum National Standards for Green Power Marketing (PDF File Size: 1.1 MB)
Gabe Petlin, Center for Resource Solutions
TREC Trade in the European Green Power Market (PDF File Size: 752 KB)
Hans Schneider, CEA International

Strategies for Expanding Access

Introduction - Pam Bloch Mendelson, LS Gallegos
An Examination of Green Power Aggregations (PDF File Size: 160 KB)
Mark Crowdis, Think Energy, Inc.
Utility/Marketer Partnerships in New York State (PDF File Size: 608 KB)
John Smigelski, Community Energy, Inc.
Expanding the Reach of Utility Green Pricing Programs (PDF File Size: 1.5 KMB
John Savage, Green Mountain Energy Company
Utility and ESCO Partnering (PDF File Size: 280 KB)
Mel Jones, Sterling Planet
NC GreenPower (PDF File Size: 348 KB)
Carl Wilkins, Advanced Energy

The 2003 RoperASW Green Gauge Report
Paul Leinberger, Roper ASW

Targeting Green Power Customers

Introduction - Adam Capage, Platts Research and Consulting
Targeting and Communicating to Increase Awareness of Renewable Power (PDF File Size: 516 KB)
Steve French, The Natural Marketing Institute
Overcoming Green Energy Hurdles: Closing the Purchase Gap (PDF File Size: 288 KB)
Brian Byrnes, Primen
SRP's Green Energy Program: What Drives the Green Energy Purchase? (PDF File Size: 3.1 MB)
Lori Singleton, Salt River Project

"Ask The Experts"

Utility Green Pricing Programs - Terry Peterson, Electric Power Research Institute
Chip Bircher, Wisconsin Public Service
Brian Byrnes, Primen
Adam Capage, Platts Research and Consulting
Gary Harris, Tennessee Valley Authority (PDF File Size: 464K)

"Ask The Experts"

Green Power Marketing Strategies - Këri Bolding, Center for Resource Solutions
Brent Beerley, Community Energy, Inc. (PDF File Size: 406K)
Julie Blunden, XENERGY (PDF File Size: 304K)
Ed Clark, Austin Energy (PDF File Size: 666K)
Mark Hammer, Green Mountain Energy Company (PDF File Size: 464K)

Federal Energy Management Program Meeting

Introduction - Këri Bolding, The Center for Resource Soultions
Anne Sprunt Crawley, U.S. Department of Energy, FEMP (PDF File Size: 264 KB)
John Nelson, Defense Energy Support Center (PDF File Size: 776 KB)
Brian Magden, GSA, Northwest Energy Center (PDF File Size: 148 KB)

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