Sixth National Green Power Marketing Conference Agenda
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Keynote Presentations
Session Chair: Robert Dixon, U.S. Department of Energy
Roger Hamilton, Commissioner, Oregon Public Utility Commission (PDF File Size: 8K)
Terry Hudgens, CEO and President, PacifiCorp Power Marketing, Inc. (PDF File Size: 612K)
Dennis Kelly, CEO, Green Mountain Energy Company (PDF File Size: 800K)

 Green Power: The Year in Review
Session Chair: Blair Swezey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
California (PDF File Size: 417K)
Tim Tutt, California Energy Commission
Pacific Northwest (PDF File Size: 16K)
Rachel Shimshak, Renewable Northwest Project
Pennsylvania (PDF File Size: 280K)
John Hanger, Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future
Texas (PDF File Size: 992K)
Mike Sloan, Virtus Energy Research Associates, Inc.
The Outlook for Green Power Markets (PDF File Size: 1.8M)
Ed Holt, Ed Holt and Associates, Inc.

 Utility Green Pricing Panel
Session Chair: Terry Peterson. EPRI
Austin Energy (PDF File Size: 590K)
Mark Kapner
Eugene Water & Electric Board (PDF File Size: 1M)
Mat Northway
Moorhead Public Service (PDF File Size: 916K)
Chris Reed
Orcas Power and Light Cooperative (PDF File Size: 48K)
Doug Bechtel
Tennessee Valley Authority (PDF File Size: 412K)
Gary Harris

 Conference Banquet
First Annual Green Power Recognition Awards
Banquet Keynote: Carl Weinberg, Weinberg and Associates (PDF File Size: 2.2M)

 Green Power: Supply-Side Drivers
Session Chair: Blair Swezey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The Supply and Price Outlook for Natural Gas (PDF File Size: 1.3M)
Bill McAleb, RDI Consulting/FTEnergy
Acquiring Green Power Resources in the Pacific Northwest (PDF File Size: 5.3M)
George Darr, Bonneville Power Administration
Green Power and Economic Development (PDF File Size: 619K)
Lisa Daniels, Windustry
Environmental Regulations as a Green Power Driver (PDF File Size: 1.6M)
David Wooley, Young, Sommer LLC/American Wind Energy Association

 Building Green Power Demand
Session Chair: Kurt Johnson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The Green Power Market Development Group (PDF File Size: 1.4M)
Jennifer Finlay, World Resources Institute
Chris Hunter, Johnson and Johnson
Lessons Learned from Other Green Product Industries (PDF File Size: 592K)
Adam Capage, E Source
Targeting Green Customers (PDF File Size: 387K)
Adam Serchuk, Primen
Working with Business Customers (PDF File Size: 720K)
Peter West, Renewable Northwest Project
Expanding the Commercial Market for Photovoltaics
Dan Shugar, PowerLight Corporation

 Green Certificate Trading and Verification (PDF File Size: 1.0 MB)
Session Chair: Jerry Kotas, U.S. Department of Energy

Jim Cooke, Toyota Motor Sales, USA (PDF File Size: 2.8M)
Nicole Fabri, Natsource (PDF File Size: 225K)
Jan Hamrin, Center for Resource Solutions (PDF File Size: 16K)
Rob Harmon, Bonneville Environmental Foundation (PDF File Size: 808K)
Alden Hathaway, Environment Resources Trust (PDF File Size: 484K)
Mel Jones, Sterling Planet (PDF File Size: 198K)
Michael Rucker, APX (PDF File Size: 564K)

 The Roper Green Gauge Survey of Environmental Attitudes
Paul Leinberger, Roper Starch Worldwide Inc.

 Selling Green Power in Today's Market
Session Chair: Chuck Linderman, Alliance of Energy Suppliers
The Stateline Wind Project
Barrett Stambler, PacifiCorp Power Marketing, Inc.
Selling Landfill Methane Across the United States (PDF File Size: 883K)
Bill Behling, Energy Developments, Inc.
Transforming the Wholesale Market for Renewable Power (PDF File Size: 88K)
Elliot Mainzer, Enron North America

 Green Power Marketing Tools and Methods
Session Chair: Karl Rabago, Rocky Mountian Institute
Start with the Customer (PDF File Size: 604K)
Rene Carroll, PacifiCorp
Green Power Marketing Fundamentals (PDF File Size: 354K)
Jim Burke, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Getting Your Message Out ... The Power of Integrated Communications (PDF File Size: 932K)
Marci Grossman, Green Mountain Energy Company

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