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Fifth National Green Power Marketing Conference
Powering the New Millennium

Held August 7-8, 2000 in Denver, Colorado

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Opening Session - Monday, August 7
Moderator: Stan Bull, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Welcoming Remarks
Welcoming Address:
Congressman Mark Udall
A Bright Future for Green Power (PDF File Size: 3.9M)
Paul Thomas, COO and President, Green Mountain Energy Company
Green Power Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Energy (PDF File Size: 3.3M)
Dan Reicher, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
Green Power and our Environmental Future
Kathleen Hogan, Director, Climate Protection Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Why We're Purchasing Green Power: Business Customer Roundtable
Moderator: Katherine O'Dea, Business for Social Responsibility
Understanding Business Customer Demand for Green Power (PDF File Size: 114K)
Ed Holt, Ed Holt and Associates, Inc.
Business Customer Representatives:
Jim Cooke, Toyota Motor Sales, USA (PDF File Size: 640K)
Jeff Lebesch, New Belgium Brewing Company (PDF File Size: 848K)
Larry Rogero, Kinko's (PDF File Size: 56K)

Group Luncheon – Sponsored by the Center for Resource Solutions
Green Power Prime Time: Marketing Renewables in the New Millennium
A Multimedia Presentation by Karl Rábago, Chair, Green Power Board

Panel Discussion — What is Green Power?
Moderator: Kurt Johnson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Green Power Certification Activities (PDF File Size: 1.1M)
Kirk Brown, Center for Resource Solutions
The Power Scorecard (PDF File Size: 58K)
Sam Swanson, PACE University
Canada's Environmental Choice Program (PDF File Size: 732K)
John Polak, Environment Canada

Utility Green Pricing Programs: What's Working Well? (PDF File Size: 117K)
Moderator: Terry Peterson, EPRI
Andy Sulkko, Public Service Company of Colorado
Lori Clements-Grote, Fort Collins Utilities (PDF File Size: 2.4M)
Cassius McChesney, Arizona Public Service (PDF File Size: 107K)
John Giese, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (PDF File Size: 106K)
Laura Williams, Madison Gas and Electric (PDF File Size: 537K)

Opening Session - Tuesday, August 8
Moderator: Howard Mueller, EPRI
Green Power: A View From Wall Street
Ed Tirello, Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown
What's Happening in Competitive Markets? (PDF File Size: 171K)
Ashley Houston, XENERGY Inc.

Information Technology and Green Power
Moderator: Howard Mueller, EPRI
Information Technology and Customer Expectations
Jim Porco, RKS Research & Consulting
The Pure Play Approach to Utility Services (PDF File Size: 360K)
Dan Lieberman,
The Internet as a Force for Environmental Improvement (PDF File Size: 2.8M)
John Savage, Green Mountain Energy Company

International Green Power Activities (PDF File Size: 123K)
Moderator: Rick Sellers, International Energy Agency
Development of an International Green Certificate Trading System (PDF File Size: 683K)
Jos Benner, CEA/RECS Secretariat, The Netherlands
Green Power Marketing in Europe (PDF File Size: 4.6M)
Rolf Wüstenhagen, IWOe-HSG and CEPE, Switzerland
Linking International Green Power Markets (PDF File Size: 1.1M)
Michael Rucker, Automated Power Exchange, USA

Luncheon Speaker
Randy Udall, Community Office for Resource Efficiency

Renewables: How Much Do They Really Cost?
Moderator: Blair Swezey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The Cost of Green Power in Competitive Power Markets (PDF File Size: 154K)
Jan Pepper, Clean Power Markets, Inc.
Wind Power (PDF File Size: 1.1M)
Brian Parsons, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Landfill Methane (PDF File Size: 514K)
Tom Kerr, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Photovoltaics (PDF File Size: 452K)
John Hoffner, Conservation Services Group

Growing the Green Power Market
Moderator: Tina Kaarsberg, U.S. Department of Energy
The Role of Community-Based Marketing in Green Power Sales (PDF File Size: 78K)
Rudd Mayer, Land and Water Fund of the Rockies
Aggregating Business Demand for Green Power
Eric Blank, Community Energy
An Aggregation Strategy for Green Power
Bob Maddox, Connecticut Energy Cooperative
Integrating Renewable Energy into Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)
Jill Cooper, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Renewable Certificates: An Important Dimension in Capturing the Green Value (PDF File Size: 129K)
Muir Davis, PG&E National Energy Group

Government as a Green Power Purchaser
Moderator: Jerry Kotas, U.S. Department of Energy
Overview of Federal Green Power Purchasing Efforts (PDF File Size: 356K)
Beth Shearer, U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Postal Service Green Power Purchase (PDF File Size: 173K)
Ray Levinson, U.S. Postal Service
Colorado Federal Wind Power Purchase
Sue Damour, General Services Administration
What Drives Municipal Green Power Decisions?
Jay Goth, Commonwealth Energy

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